The duck was originally called 鹜, or Jia 凫.

Old duck, duck eggs, and duck eggs are all used for medicinal purposes.

  The taste is sweet, salty, slightly cold, non-toxic.

  Duck eggs contain protein, lecithin, vitamins A, B, and niacin.

  Functional Preserved Eggs: Cool, eyesight, and flat liver.

  [高血压]  每日吃皮蛋2-3个,不用咸味,淡吃,或用糖醋蘸食。  [鼻衄,头胀头痛]  青壳鸭蛋10个,马兰头250克,同煮,蛋熟后,将壳敲碎,再煮至蛋呈乌青色,每日适量,吃蛋喝汤。  [慢性肾炎、浮肿]  取3年以上绿头老鸭1只,去毛剖腹去肠杂,填入大蒜头4-5球,煮至烂熟,(不加盐或略加糖),吃鸭、蒜And drink soup, you can eat 1 every few days.

Detox Yoga cleanses female body

Detox Yoga cleanses female body

The temperature is gradually increasing, but the body is becoming more and more out of state.

Come home from work every day, why not take 5?
Practice these yoga asanas for 10 minutes. They can clear the poison of the body and the poison of the mind, so that you can feel refreshed from the inside to the heart!


The combination of detoxification, skin lightening and yoga uses the mind as the main point of rejuvenating the skin cells. When your mind enters the tranquil state of the environment, the emotions are immediately calmed down, relaxed, and a happy feeling emerges.”Showing confidence and contentment, and confidence and contentment is a powerful driving force for the skin’s vitality, so adjusting the breath to the best state is the most important step in practicing this set of exercises.


Although every movement of yoga requires total lightness, it does not mean that the spirit must also relax.

In the practice of overall movements, it is necessary to maintain the concentration of thoughts, maintain a complete awareness state, pay attention to your body, and each movement is no longer mechanically completed. When you are practicing, connect your mind and breath to help youThey are also more aware of the inner.


Yoga is very about the concept of balance, so it is very important to practice right and left regardless of which posture you practice.


It’s best to practice with soothing light music.

Put yourself in slow and melodious music, focus the power of your heart on your ears, and the inner pulsation will automatically adjust the rhythm and lead directly into the skin to relax, activate the kinetic energy of the cells, activate, repair damaged and aging cells, and let the skin inThe radiance of music was restored.

  Essentials of the first type of King-style action: bend your right knee, tilt your left foot backward, bend your left lower leg, and insert it into your left elbow.

Inhale, slowly raise your right hand, and stretch your upper body back at the same time. The tension of the body extends from the waist to the shoulder blades; exhale, release your hands, and repeat the exercise on the other side.

  Efficacy: This action stretches the head, bones, and spine homogeneously. At the same time, it is also a good action for strengthening the spleen and stomach. It has a good regulating effect on the internal organs and kidneys.Lean forward, keep your right leg bent, your right heel against your thigh base, and your left foot straight back.

Inhale, open your hands, extend back to a horizontal line, and feel the power to your fingertips.

Exhale, raise your knees, bend your upper body slowly backwards, lean your right back, and keep trying to stretch.

Relax and do the same in the opposite direction.

  Efficacy: This action can fully show the beautiful image of women.

At the same time, it promotes blood circulation throughout the body and enhances facial elasticity.

  Type 3 Lagoon-style movement essentials: Slightly, legs spread out, exhale, upper body leaning forward from hips, support the ground with both hands, forward, raise head, and maintain posture 3?
5 breaths.

  Efficacy: This action increases the blood supply to the upper body and head area, achieves the effects of improving sleep and nourishing the face, and has a good conditioning effect on hypertension and heart disease.

  Essentials of type 4 forward flexion: lengthen, the spine will naturally decrease, your legs will be the same width as your shoulders, and your hands will be placed between your body.

Inhale, hold your arms close to your ears, lift your head over the head, and drive the entire spine down, with your hands on the ground and folded, palms down, press under your feet, exhale, and extend the entire spine downwards indefinitely.

  Efficacy: It is beneficial to supplement and enhance the energy in the body, adjust and balance the energy of the pelvic and abdominal cavity through the meridians, and it is also the first action to eliminate swelling in the body and improve constipation.

  Essentials of Type 5 Plowing Action: Lie on your back, legs close together, inhale your legs straight up and lift up, gradually lift up, forward, with your toes falling to the right and rear, hold your hands forward while keeping your posture 5?
7 breaths.
Exhale and release your hand, then slowly fall back.

  Efficacy: This is a standard action for women’s self-care.

Blood flows naturally to the head, nourishes the face and scalp, and has a balance effect on the digestive system and endocrine system.

However, note that menstrual periods, spinal discomfort should be done with caution.

  Essentials of Type 6 Shoulder Stand: Lie on your back, on the basis of the plow, inhale your legs off the ground, tilt upwards, and maintain a posture of 5?
7 breaths.

Exhale back to the plough, then fall back slowly.

  Efficacy: Similar to the plough type, the blood flows back, helps the internal organs to recover their positions, nourishes the face, helps to remove acne, and improves the skin.

  Type 7 camel-style action essentials: sit with your legs crossed, support your waist, inhale to open the thorax, exhale and tilt your body backwards, push your hips forward, bend your arms to overlap and shrink to the distance, and look in the direction of your handsAnd keep 3?5 breaths, inhale back to the body.

  Efficacy: Fractured spine, promote blood circulation, regulate gastrointestinal organs (kidney, liver, spleen, intestine), and regulate constipation.

  Essentials of Type 8 Serpentine Body Impressions: Prone, with both hands straight forward, inhale, leave the ground first, followed by the waist, a few, the top against the ground, the head perpendicular to the ground, the chin point, forwardExhale upwards, straighten your arms forward and backward.

  Attack effect: This action can best show the feminine figure of the woman, and at the same time make her lines stretch, which is conducive to firming facial skin and improving skin tone.

Supplementing fish oil and aerobic exercise is good for overweight people

Supplementing fish oil and aerobic exercise is good for overweight people

A new study shows that overweight people who supplement fish oil and regular aerobic exercise can reduce body feces and improve cardiovascular and metabolic functions.

  US researchers say that regular exercise and supplementation of long-chain omega-3 (omega-3) fatty acids extracted from fish oil can independently improve cardiovascular and metabolic status, but lifestyles that combine with each other may be more effective than treatment alone.

In this study, 75 overweight volunteers with hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, or hypercholesterolemia were randomized to receive one of the following interventions: fish oil (6 grams of tuna fish oil), fish oilAdd exercise, sunflower oil (6 grams per day) or sunflower oil plus exercise.

Exercise interventions include walking 3 days a week, 45 minutes a day, and exercise is 75% of the estimated maximum heart rate for the age.

Blood lipids, blood pressure, and arterial function were measured at 0 weeks, 6 weeks, and 12 weeks, and the body composition was measured by dual-energy X-ray absorption at 0 and 12 weeks.

In addition to the sunflower oil group index, the fish oil supplementation group decreased blood triglyceride levels, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and improved vascular endothelium.

Arterial compliance was enhanced in the exercise group with no exercise group scores.

  Researchers believe that supplementation of fish oil and regular exercise can reduce the body’s poor, improve cardiovascular disease and metabolic function, increase omega-3 fatty acid replacement may be an effective supplement to exercise, improve body composition and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

The next research goal is to evaluate the long-term effectiveness of this joint intervention and explore its mechanisms to improve the body composition.

DIY Beauty Formulas: 10 Effective Freckle Removal Methods

DIY Beauty Formulas: 10 Effective Freckle Removal Methods

Take fresh carrots and cut into pieces, put them into a juicer and squeeze into juice. Take out 10ml of fresh carrot juice every day. After washing your face every day, pat the carrots on a wooden board and wash them away after 15 minutes.

In addition, you can drink a cup of carrot juice every day, which can eliminate the effect of spots in advance.

  DIY Beauty Formula: 10 Effective Freckle Removal Methods1.

Carrot juice freckle Take fresh carrots and cut into pieces. Add them to a juicer to squeeze the juice. Take out 10ml of fresh carrot juice every day. After washing your face every day, pat the carrots on a wooden board and wash them away after 15 minutes.

In addition, you can drink a cup of carrot juice every day, which can eliminate the effect of spots in advance.


Calendula leaf juice to remove spots Take appropriate calendula leaves, then mash them, use calendula leaf juice to modify the uniform, wait for 10 minutes and wash with warm water.

Long-term adherence can effectively remove mottled face and whiten skin.


Apple Face Removal Freckles Apples contain a lot of nutrients and can be useful for removing mottles.

Cut the apple into pieces and mash it into mud, modify it for about 15 minutes, wash the face with a hot towel, apply it every two days, and stick to it for a month to make the skin delicate and fight off the mottled!


Mashed potato mask freckle remove fresh potatoes, peel and cut into pieces, put them into a juicer and stir into a paste, then pour in milk and mix, add a small amount of flour, apply on a wooden board after cleansing, and wash after 20 minutesgo with.

Potatoes are rich in vitamins and can reduce flecks.


Remove the mottled almonds, take 10 grams of almonds, make the eye mask into a fine powder, and then mix in the appropriate egg whites to mix well. Evenly change the board on a wooden board before going to bed every night, and wash it off with warm water after 20 minutes.

Apply it once a day, and after 20 days of persistence, you can see significant freckle effect.


Clever use of lemon to wash face and remove freckles Lemon contains vitamin C and fruit acid, which can promote the skin’s innovation and remove the melanin deposited, which can reduce the mottled face.

Squeeze fresh lemons, put them in a washbasin, mix in warm water, and use it sooner or later.


Bitter gourd to lighten the stain. Refrigerate the bitter gourd in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, then take it out, wash and cut into pieces, apply to the body, remove it after 15 minutes, and wash the face with water.

Bitter gourd not only clears heat and detoxifies, but also has the effect of removing freckles. Continuous use can lighten stains.


Tomato freckle tomatoes contain rich vitamin C and vitamin A, which can diminish the appearance of pigmentation.

Take a tomato and squeeze it into juice, then take appropriate glycerin stirring and apply together, alter on a wooden board, and wash it off after 10 minutes.

The mottled bladder became dark for 30 days.


Peach pollen freckle take peach blossom, winter melon kernel is appropriate, dry it, and then grind into powder, mix the two together, then participate in the honey mix, correct on the face, leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off.

It is recommended to use it 3 times a week for the best effect.


After removing the mottled white sandalwood, prepare 10g of white sandalwood, then mash it, mash it into juice, and then participate in the millet slurry. After mixing thoroughly, wear face wash before going to bed at night, and you can see that the mottled has improved significantly.

  Effective freckle removal method Fair skin is not dream freckles, some are born, and some grow out after sun exposure.

Freckles are not harmful to the skin, but some people prefer fairer, more even skin tone.

Provide you with some methods to teach you how to use natural whitening methods, freckles removal methods, and prevention tips to cause freckles.


Lemon juice Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent that fades freckles until it disappears.

It works best for natural freckles.
Freckles caused by sun exposure are darker and irregular in shape.
Buy a few fresh lemons, squeeze them into juice and put them in a bowl.

Of course, you can also use ready-made lemon juice.

  Dip some lemon juice in a cotton ball and apply to freckles on a wooden board.

Leave it for ten minutes to allow the lemon juice to soak into the skin.

Then wash it off with cold water.

Apply lemon juice to your face every day. After a period of time, freckles will gradually fade.

  Note: Because lemon juice is used too much, it may make the skin dry and weak, so be sure to do the moisturizing work at the same time, and replace the lemon juice in place?

Milk Mask Another natural way to lighten freckles is to apply a milk-based mask.

The lactic acid contained in milk can peel off the skin’s horny skin, thereby reducing freckles.

This method is also more effective for natural freckles.

  Apply 1/4 cup of sour cream to the most freckled area.

Let the sour cream soak into the skin for about 10 minutes, then wash it off with cold water and pat dry.

Wash your face with pure milk.

Pour some milk into the bowl, and then apply it to the entire face. After ten minutes, wash it with cold water and pat dry.


Make a fruit peel and mix various fruits together, then apply it on the coaxial and then on the face. After they dry naturally, they will peel off the skin’s top layer, so that the freckles become less visible.

The sticky fruit can be combined with the skin to gently peel off the top layer of the skin.

  Mash strawberries or a kiwi in a bowl.

Apply the flakes to the shell, especially where the freckles are concentrated.

After about 20 minutes, it should usually dry out.

At this point, remove the fruit mixture and rinse the face with cold water.


Reduce sunburn Some people are born with freckles, but many people’s freckles are caused by sunburn.

Freckles usually fade in winter, but in summer, if you don’t pay attention to sun protection, the freckles will darken.

Use adequate sunscreen in a timely manner.

When going out, pay attention to applying it every few hours.

Use outdoor swimming more alternately.

The whole body is protected because freckles can grow anywhere.

  Wear a hat or other shade.

Clothing is more effective than sunscreen in preventing freckles from sun exposure.

You can wear light, loose long-sleeved shirts and trousers in summer to keep them cool and protect your skin.


Vitamin C Vitamin C helps lighten freckles.

So usually eat more citrus fruits, kiwi, spinach and other vegetables that may be vitamin C.

  Drink a glass of vitamin C fruit and vegetable smoothie every morning.

Add kiwi, nectarine, and some spinach to the blender and add some almond milk. This is a delicious and nutritious fruit and vegetable smoothie.


Use natural mineral liquid foundation Mineral liquid foundation can effectively cover freckles and even out skin tone.

Ask a professional to choose the foundation that best suits your skin tone.
Using foundation cream Foundation cream is perfect for dry skin.

Choose a liquid foundation that is lighter than freckles and evenly spread it on a wooden board with a cotton ball or makeup tool.

One coat of foundation is enough.

If you apply too much, it will be very unnatural.

  Women are old-fashioned, and they are old-fashioned if they are not maintained.

Anti-aging simple finger exercises 5 minutes a day

Anti-aging simple finger exercises 5 minutes a day

When you find the first fine lines on your body, you are destined to start the journey against them.

In the face of wrinkles that women can never tolerate, we only need to take care and combine them with corresponding products to naturally attack and defend, and lead the highland in this anti-wrinkle defense battle.

  First, soothing fine-line massage method. It is not enough for us to simply use the product far more than us. It is also necessary to combine some skin care steps and massage methods so that we can do more with less.

  The lip lines are aligned with the contours of the lips, and the thumb and forefinger fingertips gently pinch the skin at the same angle as the fine lines, repeating five times.

  After the neck pattern absorbs the neck cream, massage the hands obliquely up to the back of the ear, and at the same time, obliquely downward near the back of the ear to make a constant contraction with gentle force, which is consistent with the direction of the jugular blood flow, which can promoteBlood circulation eliminates soreness and prevents wrinkles.

  Decree lines Decline lines are pushed up towards the wings of the nose and gently squeeze the skin with your thumb and index fingertips.

The pressing action needs to be even and symmetrical, massage in the same direction as the decree, and repeat five times.

  Raise your head with your hands, insert your fingertips into the hairline, and pull back hard. Your eyes will look down to help stretch the skin on your forehead and ease the formation of your wrinkles.

  The fine lines on the corners of the eyes use the middle and ring fingers to gently block the corners of the eyes and stimulate skin blood circulation.

  Emoji lines Emoji lines must pay more attention to not making your emotions fluctuate too much. Emotional fluctuations can easily affect the internal circulation of our body. In addition, rich expressions will make our skin cells form habits that are close and scattered.Fine lines increase.

   Second, daily care for fine lines POINT point 1: If you are a beauty-loving JMS, then the editor should remind you that when applying foundation or applying powder, you must not do too much movement in the area of the decree lines.A thin layer is good, otherwise there will be a pile of heavy makeup on the decree lines.

  Point 2: When using anti-wrinkle products, you must not be reluctant. You can have big movements on skin care products. As long as it is not a greasy product, apply more when you use it at night. This will not put a burden on the skin.Added a protective layer to the skin.

  Point 3: When using every anti-wrinkle product, if you don’t have time to do the massage steps like the previous ones, then at least you should cover your entire face with both hands at the end, so that all skin care products can grasp the warm “push””Go in.

  三、推荐产品  Kiehl’s契尔氏护唇膏1号   参考价格:RMB 78元   L’Oréal Paris巴黎欧莱雅复颜脸颈塑颜霜   参考价格:RMB 220元   Eucerin优色林 辅酶Q10柔安修纹紧致日霜   参考Price: RMB 208 yuan CHINFIE Qing Fei Platinum to Zhenheng Yan Day and Night Cream Reference Price: RMB 330 yuan Kiehl’s Kielh’s Deep Sea Gel Cream

Autumn Rongqidi Sea Cucumber Lean Soup (Autumn Medicinal Diet)

Autumn Rongqidi Sea Cucumber Lean Soup (Autumn Medicinal Diet)

Rongqidi sea cucumber lean broth soup ingredients 50 grams of Cistanche, 50 grams of sea cucumber, 60 grams of lean pork, 30 grams of wolfberry, 30 grams of cooked land, appropriate amount.

  Wash and dip Cistanche; make wolfberry and wash it thoroughly; soak sea cucumber, wash and shred; wash lean pork and cut into pieces.

Put all the ingredients into the stew pot, add the right amount of boiling water, cover the stew pot, and simmer for 3 hours under mild fire, add the best fish sauce and MSG, and simmer.

Drink soup to eat sea cucumber and lean pork.

  Efficacy Application: Bushen Yijing, nourishing blood and intestines.

It is used for hemodialysis, such as after the illness, postpartum yin and blood deficiency, symptoms of weak constipation, thirst, dizziness, and tiredness.

  This article is reproduced from the expert group of the old Chinese medicine health network. Please indicate the source: The old Chinese medicine health network.

Pregnant yoga mother and baby benefit

Pregnant yoga mother and baby benefit

All expectant mothers who are pregnant have similar troubles. Usually their bodies undergo the following changes, some sides become very plump, their aunts start to accumulate on the waist line, chest and thighs, and often feel the waist and legsSore, but must continue to indulge in appetite for nutrition.

Therefore, you must practice yoga to ensure the curve of your body without hurting your baby.

  Benefiting to proper exercise of expectant mothers can enable expectant mothers to maintain a good psychological state and not to grow too fat.At the same time, it can promote blood circulation, enhance myocardial contractility, increase the absorption of oxygen, and promote metabolism; enhance the function of the neuroendocrine system, Absorption of increased secretion of digestive juice is conducive to the digestion, absorption and utilization of food; it can also improve the coordination of muscles and help pregnant mothers to adapt to the transfer of body weight and weight gain.

  You can realize that exercise can relieve tension, make the joints of the waist and pelvis softer, and the muscles more elastic. Especially consciously exercising the muscles of the abdomen, waist, hips and pelvis can avoid the effects of pregnancy weight gain and change in center of gravity.Waist and leg pain, and help alleviate the labor pain at labor, and promote smooth natural delivery.

  The baby also benefits because the fetus is connected to the mother’s blood, so proper exercise for the pregnant woman is also beneficial to the growth of the fetus.

The enhancement of maternal blood circulation also increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus, and promotes the development of hypertensive brain and body.

Expectant mothers are exposed to the sun when they are outdoors, which is also conducive to the growth and development of the fetus’ bones.

Moreover, mothers often maintain a good psychological state, which has a certain effect on the children’s optimistic and cheerful personality in the future.

  Special tips should pay attention to self-protection during activities to avoid falling and hitting shells.

In the second and third trimester of pregnancy, pregnant mothers are not suitable for long-term bending or squatting, so as not to compress the abdomen or cause pelvic congestion.

Try to exercise less during the second trimester, because at this time you gain weight and often have mild edema in your lower limbs, so your feet are susceptible to fatigue and you can do some slow pad exercises.

  Appropriate yoga exercises during pregnancy will not only help the expectant mothers to improve their physical fitness and control their body lines, but also help them to lay down their babies smoothly.

Seven Chinese medicine blood-feeding recipes

Seven Chinese medicine blood-feeding recipes

Under normal circumstances, women will bleed every physiological period every month, and some nutrients lost in the body will easily lead to symptoms of anemia in women, such as pale and yellow, dizziness, and insomnia and forgetfulness.

How can women replenish blood and improve physical resistance?

Medicinal diet is one of the simple and effective methods.

Now let ‘s take a look at seven traditional Chinese medicine blood supplements that women must eat: 1. Tremella fuciformis jujube soup, also known as the “poor bird ‘s nest”. Although bird’s nest supplements, it is expensive.

Tremella fungus is similar to bird’s nest in terms of color, taste and efficacy, and it is cheap, so it is called poor bird’s nest.

Bird’s nest is too easy to get angry, Tremella fungus has a moisturizing effect.

Dry gas and fire gas are not good for the human body.

Method: Use white fungus, dried longan, wolfberry, and red dates to make a soup. This soup is not only delicious, but also breast enhancement, making your face white and red, and light and slim.

2. Black glutinous rice and bloody porridge Black glutinous rice, longan and red dates are known to be good for blood, plus yam with high nutritional value, the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood is more significant.

Method: Use black glutinous rice, red dates, longan, yam, brown sugar to boil soup, remember to drink every month.

Old Chinese medicine reminds that although longan can replenish blood gas and promote blood circulation, it is not easy to digest. It can be done by putting seven glucose each time (friends with cold stomach can order 2 slices of red ginseng).

3, Angelica red dates and ribs change seasons, the skin is easy to dry and rough, tearing . You can use one ribs, the right amount of wolfberry, 12 red dates, 4 pieces of angelica, add ribs washing blood to the casserole, add wolfberry, red dates, angelica, orAdd onion, ginger slices, boil over high heat, and simmer over low heat until the ribs are crispy, season with salt and chicken essence.

The above several ingredients are mixed together and stewed, which can receive the auxiliary effects of nourishing yin, moisturizing and nourishing skin.

4, beauty and blood oatmeal first soaked walnuts, red dates, longan dry, clean the oats, pour into the rice cooker, add an appropriate amount of water, boiled!

Remember to check the time. When the porridge is gone, change to a porridge stall and put some brown sugar before the pan.

5, Shuanghong Buxuetang 500 grams of sweet potatoes, 10 grams of red dates, brown sugar amount, 2000 ml of water, prepare and boil together when the sweet potatoes are cooked, and then add brown sugar when they are ripe. Those who like to eat pumpkin can also change sweet potatoes into pumpkins.

6. Soy bean and pear pig’s foot soup often drink pear soup is very good for women. Pears have been known as the “Zong of Fruits” since ancient times. Using Sydney to make soup can relieve cough and lungs, and clear the skin.

Drinking this Sydney Soy Pork Hand Soup has obvious effects on the skin and skin, relieves the sound of sand, dry mouth, and lowers blood pressure.

Method: 1 Sydney, 50 grams of soybeans, half of pig’s feet, a piece of ginger, salt, pork feet to remove odors, divide into pieces; add pitted and sliced Sydney, soybeans, pig’s feet and ginger slices, add plenty of waterCook until boiled, keep on high heat and continue to boil for 15 minutes. Slowly cook for another hour, then cook the soup. Add salt to taste before drinking.

7, papaya white fungus soup, white fungus, papaya beans, red dates, rock sugar, boil the white fungus, boil the red dates, turn off the low heat and boil for half an hour, boil the rock sugar and papaya to boil, you can swell.

How does Chinese medicine see a hand diagnosis

How does Chinese medicine see a hand diagnosis

When there is a problem with organs in our body, it will be directly reflected on the hands, such as dry hands, hot hands, cold hands, etc., which implies that the body has a problem.

  How does TCM see a hand diagnosis?

  1. Generally cold girls are prone to cold hands and feet, and their bodies are afraid of cold. At the same time, it will also be accompanied by gastrointestinal discomfort, weak waist and knees, and weakness in the whole body.Smooth and reduces cold resistance.

If you want to improve this situation, you should eat more foods that warm the spleen and yang, such as glutinous rice, longan, red dates, pork belly, lamb, soak your feet with hot water every night before going to bed.Standing and sedentary.

  2. Hot hands and hot hands are accompanied by insomnia and dreams, dry eyes, dizziness, and upset. This is caused by blood deficiency, yin deficiency, or accumulation of food.

The palm of your hand caused by yin deficiency is hot. You should eat more nourishing foods, such as black sesame and pear. Do not eat warm foods. Cinnamon, pepper, longan, lychee, durian, eat less fried and other high content.Aunt Gao’s food guarantees adequate sleep and must not stay up late.

Hand fever caused by blood deficiency should pay more attention to nourishing qi and blood.

Fever caused by accumulation of palms should be mainly based on spleen and digestion.

  3. Sticky hands and sticky hands are accompanied by dry throat and fever all over the body. This is a manifestation of heart-kidney yin deficiency and fire. The patient should eat more nourishing food, and at the same time ensure adequate sleep. Use rice vinegar daily.Soak your hands with warm water.

  4, dry hands when qi and blood deficiency lead to insufficient skin nutrients, the function of sebaceous glands and sweat glands will also be affected to a certain extent, the skin is easy to dry, especially in autumn, so that the blood circulation in the peripheral parts of the body is affected.Insufficient blood and weakened resistance are more prone to cracking and drying.

Such patients must not eat cold food, pay more attention to nourishing qi and nourishing blood, you can choose angelica soup or longan red jujube soup.

In addition, you must take good care of the skin. Do not wash your hands repeatedly or use soap excessively. After washing your hands, apply hand cream in time.

  It is warmly reminded that the relationship between hands and health is very close, there will be many acupoints on the hands, and massaging different parts of the hands will have certain benefits to the body.

Massaging the palms of the hands can promote blood circulation to the heart and lungs, and can prevent arteriosclerosis. Massaging the thumb can excite nerve function, maintain the acid-base balance in the body, and effectively treat hypertension. Rubbing the index finger can regulate the human digestive system.It can also strengthen the spleen and stomach; massage the middle finger can prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and treat hypertension.

Exercise in the evening is safe and healthy

Exercise in the evening is safe and healthy

No matter how busy you are, as long as you take some time and insist on aerobic exercise, 30 minutes each time, 3 times a week, or 2 times a day, 15 minutes each time, such as walking, climbing, rope skipping, jogging, gymnastics, etc.Let you have a healthy body while achieving your career.

  The movement is statutory in Congress.

Woods, rivers, and lakes are doped with negative oxygen ions to relieve cough, eliminate fatigue, regulate nerves, lower blood pressure, and calm.

And more contact with nature is also good for improving liver function and overall health.

  Evening exercise is best.

Studies by many scientists have shown that evening is the best time of the day, especially for crystal movement.

Studies show that within a day, there is a certain change in the platelet content of the human body. The amount of platelets in the afternoon and evening is about 20% lower than in the morning and the blood viscosity is reduced by 6%. In the morning, it is easy to cause problems such as poor blood circulation and cardiovascular disease., And after the afternoon the danger is much reduced.

This is especially important for busy and nervous middle-aged men.

In addition, in the evening, the human body has experienced more than half a day of activity, the response to exercise is the best, the maximum amount of oxygen absorption, exercise effect is more obvious.

  Experts believe that the air quality drops significantly in the morning mist.

Fog beads contain a large amount of dust, pathogenic microorganisms and other harmful substances. When exercising in the mist, human breathing accelerates with the increase of momentum. After deepening, it allows a large amount of harmful substances in the mist to absorb in the body, making exercise an invisible killer.
  Don’t let sweat get too much.

Chinese medicine believes that sweat has a great relationship with heart and blood. A certain amount of sweating has a detoxification effect, but if the sweat is excreted too much, it will take away some precious trace elements in the body, which will consume people’s efforts and damage yang.

Therefore, it’s almost enough to sweat just after exercising, and you should dry your sweat immediately at the end of the exercise and put on clean clothes to prevent cold.

  Pay attention to “cold body” after exercise, and do some simple exercises with slow rhythms, so that the blood that accelerates circulation during exercise automatically adapts to changes in the body, avoiding a sudden drop in blood pressure, insufficient blood supply to the heart, causing coma and even death from shock.