Chinese medicine massage effectively prevents colds in spring

Chinese medicine massage effectively prevents colds in spring

The temperature difference in spring is large and windy, and it is easy to catch a cold.

Introduce two simple and easy-to-learn, better-effect Chinese medicine massage therapies, which can better prevent colds.

  Method of massaging the ear wheel: eat with your hands, gently rub the ear wheel with your thumb (penetration of the ear), and rub it to the local heat.

Both ears are massaged alternately once a day for about five minutes to prevent colds.

Massage your ears 2-3 times a day to help treat colds.

The first treatment can follow the male left female right method, that is, the man presses the left ear and the woman presses the right ear.

  Efficacy: nourishing lung qi, relieving wind and relieving table.

By improving lung function, it can achieve the effect of resisting external evils.

It has better effect on colds and allergies.

Use with caution in hypotension.

  Knead Yingxiang Knead Yingxiang Point (Double from the nose) 1.

5 centimeters) has a certain effect on the elimination and prevention of cold symptoms. If you can stick to Yingxiang points daily, it can also be used as a method to prevent colds.

  Method: Insert forefingers on both sides of the nose wings with the index fingers of both hands, and rub each of them 36 times in the clockwise and counterclockwise directions. A soreness will radiate to the frontal surface.

  Efficacy: Yingxiang Point is the wind-sensing phase of the body surface, and it is also the place where the wind stops. Governing the Wind Point, regular massage can dispel the wind of the head and face, and disperse the cold from the top, thereby enhancing the ability to resist bacteria.

Frequent rubbing of Yingxiang points can promote blood circulation around the nose, make qi and blood flow, and external evils cannot easily invade the body to resist the invasion of bacteria.

TCM teaches you to judge the health of your viscera through your voice

TCM teaches you to judge the health of your viscera through your voice

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the five sounds correspond to the five internal organs. People’s voices can be used to determine whether the internal organs are in a healthy state. Just judge by singing, crying, moaning, and shouting, and adjust according to the health of the internal organs.

  Chinese medicine teaches you to judge the health of your viscera through your voice, and learn quickly!

  1. People who like to yell and shout are generally angry or yelling, and those with stagnation of qi will sigh.

Patients with strong liver fire can adjust their emotions with more booing sounds, maintain a peaceful state of mind, and prevent injury to the liver.

You can also take an appropriate amount of tea made from fried licorice and Bupleurum.
  2. Over-laughing and smiling for less than ten years, proper laughter can clear the heart and ensure its health, but excessiveness will hurt the heart.

People in a bad mood can make more humming sounds to replenish their qi, and eat sour food to protect the heart appropriately.

Recommended longan porridge requires 150 grams of longan meat and 120 grams of glutinous rice. Wash the glutinous rice, add an appropriate amount of water and cook it half-cooked, and then add longan meat to cook it. This method has the effect of nourishing and calming the mind and beauty and nourishing blood.Longan contains a lot of sugar and protein, which is easily digested and absorbed by the body.

  3. Singing and sullen crowds speak loudly and sing loudly.

Speaking quietly, singing without confidence means that the spleen is deficient. This group of people can eat more food that has spleen and qi, such as yam or honey.

It is recommended to choose yam porridge, peel and wash the yam, cut into small pieces, and cook it with rice in a pot to cook porridge. This method has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, helping food digestion, polyphenol oxidase contained in yam, andAmylase can protect the spleen and stomach.

  4, always crying more than always crying will hurt the lungs, nourishing the lungs should keep the mood open, you can chew two walnut kernels each day to nourish the lungs.

It is recommended to choose lily porridge. 150 grams of previous rice and 30 grams of lily are placed in the pot together with rock sugar to cook porridge. This method has the effect of nourishing lung yin and nourishing lung qi, and is suitable for people with insufficient lung yin.

  Tips to judge whether the five internal organs are in a healthy state according to the sound. When chest pains occur and your heart is not evacuated, you can tiptoe to maintain continuous peace. When you tiptoe, you can stimulate the nervous system and bring softness to the internal organs.And the massage eliminates physical illness.

We must face everything with peace of mind and not let our emotions become excessive.

Paula Man: Why do you love married women?

Paula Man: Why do you love married women?

The “Baoliang” family uses “romantic and passionate” as their children, but they are “hunting the truth.”

The common ending is that the siege of the siege of the person in trouble is messed up, but the “Baoliang” person turns smartly after experiencing the colorful music movement, and does not leave or leave a cloud.

  As long as we pay attention, we will find the popular status of Paula: there is a Paula forum on the Internet; Baidu E enters Paula and there are 488,000 search results; anonymous surveys confirm that 12% of men have a history of Paula;The number of people who have thought of Pauliang but not implemented has reached 35%; anonymous investigations confirmed that the termination of the marriage ended in the second half of 2007. Seven out of every one hundred divorced women had their marriage broken because of encountering the Pauliang. In the first half of 2008,The number is 22 digits.

Shows a straight upward trend.

  As the marriage progresses, some women increasingly feel that the person next to them is fading away and are too lazy to look at him again.

The busyness and burden of life also made him care less about the “erotic” changes in his wife’s eyes . So, the men became more and more negligent, and the “reds” became more and more dissatisfied, looking chic and affectionate, tender and amiableThe “Baoliang” men will rise from time to time.

  Women’s derailment is different from men. Men are indifferent and women are indifferent.

Therefore, once a woman has reached the point where she becomes a “Paoliang” prey, it is mostly because she has emotionally invested in it.

So, what causes women to make such irrational moves?

There is only one answer: marriage is not happy.

You are empty of spirit, boring in life, need to be absorbed, need to be stimulated, and other talents have opportunities.

So in this sense, the ultimate way to make the “Paoliang” surpass themselves is to improve their marriage.

  Some of the most unlucky “Pauliang” types of “Pauliang men”: German tennis star Becker Becker and model Omakova only lingered on the cabinets of a restaurant in London for “5 seconds”, 9After a month, Omakova gave birth to a small “BB” named Anna. Baker was forced to give Anna 2 million child support, plus 3,300 pounds of “milk powder money” and 100,000 pounds of education funds each month.cost.

After Baker’s wife Barbara filed for divorce, Baker paid another 10 million pounds and a house worth 1.8 million pounds and a monthly living cost of 2,500 pounds.

  The most senior “Baoliang”: Liang Jinsong, who now appears as a good man, was suspected of being a “Baoliang” in his early years.

According to Hong Kong media reports, when Liang Jinsong did not dissolve the first marriage in 1999, it was reported that she had a strange relationship with Chen Meixia, a female colleague with more than 40 a year, and later called her husband to apologize.

Subsequently, it was reported that Chen Huixian, a Porsche pick-up artist worth tens of millions of yuan, went to work, which indirectly caused Chen Huixian to divorce her husband who had been married for six years in 2001.

Thorough media allege that after the divorce, Liang Jinsong was afraid of causing trouble and quickly cut off her relationship.

  The most innocent Paoliang: The British Home Secretary Brenquit, who has always been regarded by the British public as a model of cleanliness, has been associated with the husband’s wife, Jim Burley, and the news has been up and down in Britain.

It seems a bit inappropriate to list Brunkett as a Paulan, because after he had a special relationship with Kimbury, he wanted to marry her after divorce, but the woman was unwilling to divorce her husband.Announcing to the media that he used his powers to gain personal gain and help his nanny to acquire British right of abode early, thus sacrificing the political life of Brunkit, who is likely to become the British Prime Minister.

  The most ruthless Paoliang people: Zhao Zhongxiang Zhao Zhongxiang is about to publish a new book. After hearing this news, many people ‘s first response was: Did he write about him and Rao Ying?

The answer is definitely not, because from the beginning to the end, Mr. Zhao said that he did not know Rao Ying at all, and even a lot of evidence showed that Rao Ying had indeed been his doctor, and he was posed by group photos and recordings.

  The relationship between a good family woman and me is clearly my temptation, but you have to speak up in everything, and you begged me-this is probably a powerful role in love.

It’s a pity that all women are theoretical masters like Wang Yuyan, but often they let men seize the emotional lifeline, and they have become the crappy character who opens everything.

  Hit 1: Popularity of loneliness: ★★★★★ Overcoming shortcomings: ★ Loneliness, especially recognized for married women, is an unforgettable fatal injury.

When lonely, reason decreases accordingly. If another man with a flat head and a full face appears “just right”-this is a powerful and ferocious poison, the woman must fight the moth to fight fire.

  Hit Gate 2: Decay popularity: ★★★★ Overcome flaws: ★★ Not all the husbands of women who are touched by “Paoliang” men are always away from home, but some men, as husbands, never chat with womenability.

Although women often accompany her husband at home, she lacks communication and her life is becoming less and less tasteful.

A man who is good at detecting words and words has made this woman a deadly poison.

  Hit 3: The popularity of emptiness: ★★★ Overcoming the shortcomings: ★★★ Some women need a lot of attention and a lot of surrounding, otherwise they will feel empty inside.

Women who have a weak willpower and are willing to nest at home will resist this emptiness by eating.

A woman with poor willpower and who cares about her body shape will find a man who understands leisure more than herself, and the two will hip-hop together.

So a man who knows how to eat, drink, and have fun with such a woman simply comes to nothing.

  Hit 4: Indifferent popularity: ★★★ Overcoming shortcomings: ★★★ Women always want her husband to be enthusiastic. If the man as the husband does not know how to ask her to cook hard or not, I do n’t know when I have time to chat with my wifeChat, don’t know, hold the woman from the back and say “thank you”, just care about your own work.

Then, his woman might fall apart in a passionate man.

  Anti-Pauliang Man Secret The “Pauliang Man” likes to put on the following four fake faces, but the magic is one foot tall and the road tall, unless they are clever, if you pay attention, you can always catch them.Flaws.

  First, the perfect idol Qian Duo will drive a car and wear a diamond ring, and do his best to imply his financial resources in front of you; the ordinary “Pao Liang Zu” will spray perfume and play the piano quietlyDemonstrate your own taste; fast-food culture with a head pre-installed before the moneyless “Baoliangzu” kills potential stocks that make you believe that he is a pregnant woman.

All in all, they will try to dress up as perfect idols and make your heart beat when you see them.   Solution: If he is perfect, will there be no women around him?

When your heartbeat is accelerating in the so-called perfect idol, you must take a mirror to look at yourself and tell yourself that you are married, have children or are about to have children, and the corners of your eyes are already slightly rippled.

  Second, no matter whether the romantic angels have money or no money, the “Pauliang” will not use their lavishness to attract women. On the contrary, they are proud to control the cost of Pauliang to the minimum.

This is because, first of all, the weight of the target women to be conquered by the “Paoliang” will add up to a more shocking number if money opens up; secondly, the “Paoliang” knows that the more tiered good women, the moreNot easily tempted.

Therefore, they usually think hard and play romance.

  Solution: You just send a girlfriend who is more beautiful than you to meet him, and you will know that these romances are not exclusive to you.

  Third, Taiji masters will be very enthusiastic to offer their affection to you for a while, and return to reason to leave you in a while;Advance and retreat from time to time, confusing and confusing . These are all the best tricks of the “Paoliang”.

  Cracking method: No matter how many tricks they have, in fact, the ultimate goal is only one: go to bed.

The easiest way to get rid of their tricks is to euphemistically tell them that you recently went to the hospital to see a gynecologist. The body seems to be suffering from an unspeakable hidden disease, so you stare at him and run away immediately.

  Fourth, when the psychiatrist thinks that the time is ripe, it will inevitably lead you to talk about emotional confusion, and then put on an empathetic look, entice you step by step, while waiting for the opportunity to instill some new gender relationsConcepts, such as confidantes in blue face, spare lover . make you lift your psychological defense.

  Solution: Since he made a look to save you and you are in water and fire, then you will not interfere with telling him that you do feel unhappy in marriage, but you do not like the ambiguous relationship such as confidante or spare lover.Whether a new marriage has begun.

Even if you take the initiative, he won’t accept it.

Sexual life also needs to pay attention to mental health

Sexual life also needs to pay attention to mental health

With the development of human society and culture, human sexual instincts have continued to become elegant and noble, and in the intercourse should be more representative of the feelings and dignity of both parties.

Indulging one’s desires in an abnormal way will not only lead to negative psychological changes, but also shame both sides.

Therefore, it is necessary to promote advocacy of mental health in the life of husband and wife. Ignoring this, the family structure will become very fragile.

Sexual mental health in the life of husband and wife is mainly reflected in two aspects: First, it is quite normal that both husband and wife, especially newly married couples, may have different requirements and understandings of sex life for various reasons.

We should understand each other, respect each other, cooperate with each other, and gradually adapt, instead of worrying about each other’s feelings and psychological endurance, rushing and imposing on others.

  Basically, we must pay attention to maintaining good emotions and emotional states, and we must also maintain the integrity of your personality in the life of husband and wife.

This is very important for maintaining a healthy mentality and good personality.

It can be considered that many contents of the intercourse also reflect the culture, ideological and psychological qualities of people.

In the intercourse, any behavior that causes and strengthens the formation and development of the subject’s abnormal psychology is likely to not harm the third party and society, thereby reflecting the unhealthy psychological requirements and habits of the subject.

This kind of bad psychological evidence is corrected by continuously cultivating sentiment, improving self-cultivation, and developing lofty beliefs.

  Many reasons may prevent the healthy development of sexual psychology.

For example, excessive narcissism, irritable personality characteristics, long-term depression of psychological desires that need to be vented, potential abuse and sadistic desires, bad dating, influence of yellow culture, etc., these factors may be used as potential consciousness,It plays a role under the influence of bad inducements; some may act as inducements, activate potential bad psychological factors, and externalize human behavior in different forms.

  Implicit mental health can lead to many adverse consequences: it can destroy the relationship between the husband and wife, make one side avoid the sexual intercourse, resist the psychological, and no longer want to gradually adapt to the other, it is possible that the female side has sexual apathy, and the male side shows premature ejaculation., Impotence; it is possible to change the entire personality characteristics, produce abnormal psychology, and even have more serious consequences.

Relationship between hand and health

Relationship between hand and health

The hand can predict health and disease.

The palms are hot and sweaty, which is hyperthyroidism; red spots appear on the palms, which are hepatitis or diabetes; pale fingertips are blood flow disorders; swelling of the knuckles is high uric acid, gout; white papules on the back of the hand are high blood pressure, and hands appearThe red line is hypertension, rheumatism or heart disease.

  Massaging different parts of the hand is good for the body: massaging the palm of the hand helps to improve cardiopulmonary blood circulation and prevent arteriosclerosis; rubbing the thumb can excite nerve function, maintaining the acid-base balance of body fluids, and treating diabetes; rubbing the index finger can regulate digestive system function.Spleen and stomach, liver and biliary dredge, treatment of lung diseases; massage the middle finger can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, treatment of hypertension; massage the ring finger can regulate nervous system function, improve sensitivity, treat spleen disorders and epilepsy; massage the pinky finger can enhance the respiratory system and urineUrine system function, prevent colds and treat other infectious diseases and kidney diseases; massage large and small fish can prevent constipation, diarrhea and hemorrhoids.

Interview: Don’t Lose Your Career by Details

Interview: Don’t Lose Your Career by Details

For a counterfeit currency interview, a supermarket needs to recruit a qualified cashier. Seven women participated in the interview, and one of my former colleagues also participated in the application.

The interview was presided over by the owner of the supermarket. For the people who came for the interview, the boss threw out a hundred dollar bill and told them to go downstairs to buy cigarettes.

When these people went to the designated place to buy cigarettes, the salesman told them that the hundred-dollar bill was fake.

And my colleague worked at the bank for many years as a cashier. Once he received the boss’s hundred-dollar bill, he used to take care of it, touched it, and dumped it. He immediately discovered that the money was fake, and returned the fake currency to the boss in person.

The boss immediately signed a long-term employment contract with her and gave her the cash register at the supermarket.

Those candidates who did not find out in person that this hundred-dollar bill was counterfeit were eliminated.

  Supermarket owners say that a person’s professional standard sometimes cannot be judged theoretically.

However, a person who cannot recognize even fake currency, no matter how superior his other conditions are, is not good at cashier work.

  Obsolete examination papers A bank took an exam in order to recruit several accountants. Most of the candidates who took the application examination were outstanding students in finance and accounting majors who had just graduated from college.

Because it is open recruitment, examination results and admission lists are announced to the public.

On the day of Zhang Bang, the candidates gathered in front of the list and there was a lot of discussion.

It turned out that there were only six people on the list, with no more than 80 points, and only six people were hired.

Candidates who think they can score more than 80 points are indignant: they don’t even have a grade, they must have a “behind the scenes deal.”

They came to the president’s office in anger, “to discuss with the president”.

  Unexpectedly, the bank president seemed to have been prepared. He opened a locker in the office and took out a stack of test papers. These candidates’ papers were not evaluated at all.

A candidate asked: “Why not review our papers?


“The president said without hesitation,” You’d better take a look at these papers yourself, either with ballpoint pens or blue water fountain pens. You can look at your admission ticket, and the test rules on the back clearly indicate: must useThe black water pen answers the question, otherwise the test paper is invalid.

“” If you are so eye-catching, you do n’t pay attention. What about the test scores?

Who dares to take careless people to the bank to do accounting!

I hope you will pay attention to details in the future. This is the necessary foundation for accounting.

The governor said with a smile.

  The chief financial officer was eliminated by senior headhunter Teresa of a well-known headhunting company and talked about a depressing experience.

After receiving a list from a Canadian financial consulting company, Teresa’s project team spent nine cattle and two tigers to dig a powerful CFO (Chief Financial Officer) from a well-known state-owned enterprise.After the interview, the employer was sacked.

This means that the efforts of Teresa’s project team have been wasted again.

Later, after investigation, I learned that the performance of the CFO during the interview was unexpectedly much higher than that of the headhunting company. His behavior and identity caused a great disproportion, which can be said to be uncomfortable.

  At that time, I had an appointment with the employer to start the interview at 14:05 pm, but the CFO arrived at 14:12.

When the lady at the front desk took him to the interview, the manager of the interview had not asked anything, and he began to explain that there was no traffic jam on the road.

Just three minutes after the interview began, his beautiful cell phone rang, and the CFO habitually answered the phone, leaving no one behind.

Just listen to him: “Isn’t this thing told you many times?

You can just ask the general manager directly . “In the interview, the interviewer asked,” Are these operations feasible? ”

The CFO replied, “I said that there would be no problem doing this. I have more than ten years of work experience in this area.

“As a result, although the other party acknowledged his business abilities, but a person who does not even have basic professional qualities, who dares to invite him to join?

  People often take people as the standard. Many European companies’ HR managers say that in addition to their identity with corporate culture, they also pay particular attention to the details of the behavior of the candidate, because these directly reflect the professionalism of a candidate.

I believe that the CFO couldn’t think of the reason why he did not apply for the job, it was just a small detail.



Dogwood tastes sour, enters the liver and kidneys, although the sex is mild, but it is a medicine that complements yin and yang. Therefore, “Changsha Yaojie” refers to “yin consumption and nourish yin., The same taste makes Yang guard. ”

When the certificate is provided, the cooked land is used, yam is used to supplement yin, Xiefu, Gui, and antlers are used to supplement yang.

Sour acid can be collected. Although it has astringent essence and urination function, it needs to use another main medicine, and it can be used as an adjunct to get significant effect.

  Rescue Zhang Xichun makes good use of dogwood to rescue and relieve antiperspirant. The most urgent method is to use the dogwood medicine method to have the most characteristic.

According to the theory that the kidney is Yuanyin and Yang, the salvation is generally divided into two types: salvage yin and salvage yang, and most of them are from the kidney.

But Zhang’s rescue, claiming to be based on the liver, he said, “Everyone’s vitality is released from the liver.

“It is said that” there is evidence that the cause is not all in the liver, but the urgency is to smelt the target. It is better to pay attention to the liver first, and those who are weak and want to get off.

The symptoms of sweating are not only more or less, but also cold and heat.

Or it is critical to wear eyes without dark eyes; or without sweating and shaking your heart, it needs to be artificial; or both.

At this time, it is appropriate to reuse the product that converges the liver so that the liver is not drained.

“Zhang’s” has been in evidence for decades. In many experiments, he has been awarded a holy medicine for salvation. Its efficacy is far too many. Quantum. However, it has not been invented since ancient times.The meat blindly large dose of decoction also.

Regardless of whether the cover is lifted off, lifted down, Yin lifted, Yang lifted, dying, and endangering the existing ones, use raw clean simmered meat three or two, and fry a large bowl of thick juice, and drink it warmly.

“It also said:” The vitality will be lost, there is an immediate danger. Reusing the mandrill meat can be effective at any time, because the liver is the main organ to evacuate the human organs, and the vitality is to be evacuated.If the meat is reused to converge, the draining organ can stop it, that is, the vitality can not be released. This fool is obtained from the clinical evidence experiment. It is known that the strength of the mandrill meat is ten times that of the reference, and the quantum.
“Historically, doctors have not rescued them,” Zhang Zhang said.

Today, Li Kelao’s traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have also learned their skills and made good use of the large dose of mandarin meat to warm the liver and kidneys to rescue the collapse, creating a lot of urgent trials.

The author is mostly used clinically for sweating, asthma, and palpitations caused by coronary heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, and pulmonary heart disease, which can relieve symptoms.

It is always advisable to perform extraordinary work with the disease and other drugs.

  Aphrodisiac’s “Red Furnace Spots the Snow” contains: “The meat of the mandarin duck is rejuvenated, the penis is strengthened, the essence is added, and the elderly can’t urinate more . for a long time, it is strong, light, and long.

“Yin sweat is a very common clinical symptom, mostly impotence, premature ejaculation and other precursors of sexual insufficiency. It is related to chronic prostatitis.

“Pearl Pouch” has recorded records of diarrhea for treating Yin and sweat, but it has been proved in practice that Zexia and dogwood are both effective for consolidating yin and sweat and for strengthening the kidney and rejuvenating the yang.

The two medicines were co-developed into the capsule at the end, 3g each time, warm saline, once in the morning and evening, even for 2 months, it has obvious effects, can prevent impotence and premature ejaculation.

  Note that it is necessary to remove the nuclear when using it. Previous experience has shown that it is not necessary to remove nuclear anti-sliding.

So write “Sandwich Meat”.

Dosage is generally 3?
9g, first aid collapse can be used up and down 30g.

The kidney yang is hyperactive, the lower coke is hot, and the urine is unfavorable.

Talk about the difference between bagged and tinned milk powder

Talk about the difference between bagged and tinned milk powder

I go to many milk powder manufacturers and come into contact with many milk powder production lines.

In fact, the raw materials of the bagged milk powder are the same as those of the milk powder itself, without any difference.

  Then everyone will definitely ask: Why is the shelf life of the bag one year, and the shelf life of the canned two years or to continue?

  Or ask again: Why is the price difference between canned and bagged so big?

In fact, many consumers, or moms think that this is because the raw materials are different, so the quality will be much better.

In fact, the raw materials are the same, but what everyone thinks is expensive is good.

There are also consumers who respond to this mentality after eating and say that the taste or taste of the tin is different!

  Now, let me tell you the reason of pretending to be expensive. Where is it expensive?

  Their raw materials are the same. Why is the price difference so big?

Because most manufacturers consider that if the price of the bag is too high, it is difficult for consumers to accept it, which means that the profit generated by the manufacturer is very low, or no profit, so what does the manufacturer rely on to survive?

So they have a big increase in the price of tins to protect their profit margins.

Therefore, most manufacturers mainly promote canning, not bagging.

And you think that so many manufacturers have tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of advertising costs each year. Where does this cost come from?

You can imagine.

  Then through the development of the society, the marketing promotion costs, for example: the sales promotion staff in the mall, the display costs of the mall, the product premiums, and the advertising costs are also increasing.

Therefore, various manufacturers are constantly adding new products, and it is tinned equipment, and the price is constantly increasing. In fact, this is a new product through the increase in market costs.

  The main purpose is to obtain higher profits. In fact, the added cost of their raw materials will not exceed 3 or 4 yuan at most.

There are also some brands that, in order to promote their products, do whatever they can to link with doctors in the hospital, and they assist in the promotion of the products, and they can earn a profit ranging from 30 yuan to 80 yuan.

The relevant laws in China are absolutely permanent. Such an approach is actually harming consumers.

  You can search for related words such as: “Doctor recommends milk powder” and you will know.

There are many related incidents in many places. Most of Mead Johnson and Wyeth are currently involved!

Therefore, it is recommended that everyone buy a bag of milk powder into a jar at home instead of a can. This can save costs, and increase the preservation and sealing of the milk powder, which has no impact on children.

Also, don’t think that the shelf life of canned packages is longer than that of bags. If the packaged bags and packaged bags have the same shelf life after opening the package, it is only said that the bags are not easy to be stored after being opened and are prone to moisture deterioration.

Don’t let professional stress become an invisible killer

Don’t let professional stress become an invisible killer

With the intensification of social competition, various companies are thinking hard to find competitive advantages, and of course, the talents in the company must not be drawn into the turbulent waves of competition. They come from the problems of professional development, the expectations of their bosses, and the management problems., Interpersonal relationships, economic pressures, family conflicts, health crisis, etc., pressure many professionals out of breath, followed by stomach pain, headache, limb weakness, easy fatigue, irritability, memory loss, insomnia, easySub-health states such as anger, but no symptoms can be found at the hospital, but it is uncomfortable. This is actually a symptom of early “overwork and death.” Some even collapse in their hearts, leading to serious consequences such as misery and suicide.

  Therefore, for professionals who have been under tremendous work pressure and mental stress for a long time, it is imperative to understand how to release the stress. No time is just an excuse for evasion. Don’t wait until the disaster happens before you regret it.

  Analyzing the source of stress When we encounter stress, we all instinctively evaluate this “stimulus”. What loss will it cause to me?

Is this stimulation a crisis for me?

Can I afford it?

Wait, then we will use the inherent value to locate this kind of stimulation, and most people will choose a little emotion, and then gradually accumulate and damage their limbs.

  So how should we manage our emotions and make ourselves better face the pressure?

It is very important to break through your own mental model.

Each of us is affected by “identity, belief, and value”. These three things form the basis and framework for our understanding and thinking. Most people influence their values because of “identity” and “belief.”This “glasses” can be used to look at the world.

Sometimes, we may be obstructed by identity, forcing ourselves to not do something, or because we are such an identity, we may do things we do not like, and pressure will come along.

Sometimes because of the asymmetry of information, we ca n’t see the truth of the matter, so we can only guess and rely on faith to convince ourselves, but we unknowingly give ourselves a pressure, fearing that others are not good for ourselves, and our bosses will not see it.When it comes to my performance, I am afraid that my colleagues may misunderstand me, that my subordinates may be lazy, and so on. These things may seem small, but the gathering of sand will become a huge burden.

  Therefore, when facing pressure, we should analyze where the source of this pressure comes from.

What factors can I change, whether I have the ability to change, whether to change now or in the future.

In this way, you can find a way to release the pressure.

  Relieving stress When facing stress, there are two important ways to ease your emotions: 1. Redefining “redefinition” is an important way of thinking, which is to change the angle and use positive thinking to find positive emotions.
For example, without redefinition, most people will show emotions when they encounter the following things: A) my lover abandoned me and life was dark; B) I have no possibility of promotion in the company,There is no future; C) I have poor communication skills and I do n’t know what work is good; D) My boss is very picky and always looks at me that is not pleasing to the eye and annoying; E) That colleague is difficult to get along with, but he has to workFrequent contact; F) My subordinates have no ability at all and always ask me to do it myself; in fact, we can redefine the above emotions: A) Although my lover abandoned me, what he / she lost was a love for her/ His people, the loss is greater than me, maybe my next one will be better; B) I have no possibility of promotion in the company, it may be that I have not done well enough here, there is still a lot to be done in this positionWhere I study, do my best, even if I leave the company, there will be serious competition; C) I have poor communication skills, but I must work hard to improve, maybe I can work in the military free post业, Technical or assistant work; D) My boss is very picky, which has hone my will and also allowed me to see some shortcomings; E) The colleague is difficult to get along with, can I take a step back and find himCommon interests or topics; F) My subordinates have no ability at all. This is my opportunity to improve leadership. I can guide him, give him full authority, give feedback afterwards, and let him grow up gradually. I will not be so tired.After re-definition, the fact may still exist, but the psychological burden will be avoided a lot. This is an important way to reduce the burden and release the stress. Define everything in a positive way, form habits, and slowly and naturally face itpressure.

In addition, people can give full play to their abilities without stress, and it is easier to do everything well.

  2. Set a heart anchor In the life course that everyone has traveled, there will always be such a feeling: When you hear a song that you are familiar with somewhere, you will always think of your mood at that time; when you see someoneWhen you find an item, you will always remember its origin, as well as the relevant characters and scenes; when you reach a familiar place, you will remember the experience you had previously.

The so-called setting heart anchor is a term of hypnosis, which refers to the establishment of a sensory point in the brain of a person under hypnosis. When this person faces the same external or internal stimulus or appearance again,Will trigger or show a response again in the brain.

  Let’s look at the example of Olympic champion Tae Kwon Do, Chen Zhong. Behind the gold medal and flowers, in fact, Chen Zhong hit a devil-like thrash and temper in the humble training hall of Beijing Sports University. The toenails on his feet were completely changed.The gauze wrapped around it was often dyed red, but she came forward with the courage and strength of steel.

We can see that Chen Zhong yells every time he kicks in the game. This is a setting of self-anchor, an extremely effective psychological incentive. When the opponent sees such an opponent, he is actually afraid of it.Three points.

Table tennis legend Deng Yaping also showed that he would yell and shake his clenched fist every once in a while, which has overwhelmed his opponent in momentum.

  This is so in competitive sports, and even more so in our workplace.

When you are happy and excited, set a fixed posture or a special action for yourself. When you are unhappy, take out that gesture again and make that action, and you will be happy.

For example, if you are very happy at the wedding, then you can subconsciously touch your wedding ring and repeatedly tell yourself that it is the happiest time in your life. When you encounter something unsatisfactory, you can touch the wedding ring the same way to make yourselfRecalling the wedding picture, dilute or even full of unhappy emotions.

  This method needs to be overcome when the opportunity comes. Although it is a little bit, if you implant this induction point in your consciousness, then you will easily face the pressure and be self-motivated.

  Buffering pressure We divide pressure into several categories, and find out the key points of buffering various pressures. Paying attention to and doing these key points will prevent ourselves from generating stress to a great extent.

  1. Key points to buffer work pressure ◆ Maintain good relationships with colleagues (up, down, left, right) ◆ Prioritize important and urgent tasks ◆ Do less important tasks ◆ Plan ahead ◆ Set deadlines for completing work and do not give yourself any excuses to delay  ◆改善工作环境(精心布置自己的座椅,办公室,看起来舒适)◆定时给自己小憩的时间(喝水,散步,聊天,闭目,伸懒腰等)2,缓冲人际关系压力的关键点  ◆用Humor and laughter build a positive and harmonious relationship ◆ Enjoy the joy of relatives and friends ◆ Build your own supportive relationships ◆ Do favorite entertainment with family, friends or colleagues ◆ Caring and helping others 3, Key points to buffer economic stress ◆Correctly understand the value of money ◆ Extend by budget ◆ Keep a detailed record of each extension ◆ Add creative highlights to a dull life (such as buying trinkets, new clothes, small potted plants, etc.) ◆ Don’t spend more money on oxide emotions(Such as drinking alcohol after a brokenhearted person, shopping frantically after a frustrated job, etc.) ◆ Do a good job of saving and investing 4, buffer the spiritThe key points of physical stress ◆ Do regular aerobic exercises (swimming, running, yoga, etc.) ◆ Take a deep and correct breath and relax yourself quickly ◆ Change your mind (redefine, set heart anchor) ◆ Usually, daydream when you are alone◆学习有兴趣的新事物◆改变行为习惯◆均衡的饮食◆戒掉不良的习惯◆懂得爱与被爱  有压力并非坏事,适当的压力反而可以激发人的潜能和动力,但是如果长期处于压力的Under the burden, many problems will continue to emerge, the pressure will decrease, and the physical and mental exhaustion will occur. Once you are tired, you will not be able to do good things, and if you do not do well, new stress will be generated, and then a vicious cycle will occur.

The causes of stress are multifaceted, multidimensional, and difficult to predict, but managing it can be uncomplicated.

There is a CALM model that can simply summarize the essence of stress management: C (change) change: try to change others and the environment, otherwise change your mind; A (accept) accept: if you can not change, then accept it happily  L (letgo) abandon: if you still ca n’t accept it, then abandon it, abandonment means a new opportunity; M (manageyourlife) planning: everything must be planned in order to do the expected management; manage your own pressureDon’t let it be your stealth killer

Seven Mistakes That Everyday Whitening Skin Is Easy To Enter


Seven Mistakes That Everyday Whitening Skin Is Easy To Enter

Mistake area one: Only use whitening products in spring and summer a year. The efficacy of whitening products is short-lived. You should use whitening products in all seasons, and pay attention to sun protection.

  Misunderstanding 2: facial cleanser, toner can whiten facial cleanser, the main role of toner is to clean the skin, even if whitening is added successfully, its efficacy is extremely limited.

  Misunderstanding 3: The skin is very white, and no whitening products are needed. Whitening skin is different from “bleaching” the skin. The role of whitening and maintenance is mainly to help the skin prevent melanin production and make the skin brighter.

  Misunderstanding 4: Fantasy becomes Snow White overnight. Whitening skin can’t transform your fair skin overnight. Whitening requires a gradual process.

  Misunderstanding 5: Whitening products can eliminate the spots on both ends. Whitening skin care products cannot remove the spots on the shells. They can only disperse the melanin evenly or resist the production of some melanin.

  Misunderstanding 6: Excessive pursuit of whitening regardless of sun protection. Most melanin production is caused by ultraviolet rays. We should pay attention to sun protection and moisturization.

Prescribe the right medicine to whiten the skin.

  Misunderstanding 7: Regardless of whether or not the product ingredients are absorbed by some people, they blindly pursue whitening, which leads to abuse of whitening products, but it can easily cause destructive skin damage.