The wolf sex woman’s game of unspoken rules in the workplace

The wolf sex woman’s game of unspoken rules in the workplace

Women’s introspective ability is more developed than that of men. Because of the traditional view, women have a strong “inferiority” in life, especially in their careers. Professional women often exaggerate their disadvantages and weaknesses, which is worth considering:Nothing works, so it’s easy to get into depression.

  From hating oneself to being sluggish and listening to fate, professional women’s horizons have become narrower and narrower, and their strengths and advantages are invisible.

For example, “Work cannot be compared to men, women are too stupid.

“” A woman’s job is to find something to do. You can’t take it seriously. You have to rely on men to fight.

“” Girls don’t toss about work, just get home and kids ready.

“Maybe you think women’s” inferiority “is frustrating. In fact, this” inferiority consciousness “is the source of motivation for wolf sex.

Psychology believes that people have a psychological tendency to compensate for inferiority and have the instinct to try to supplement their shortcomings. As long as you have this psychological characteristic of “compensating for inferiority,” you can attribute yourself to the pessimism caused by “inferiority consciousness.”Helplessly gradually improve the opportunity for their own struggle.

  In fact, everyone is very small. Whether men or women, everyone’s struggle is actually a process of constantly accumulating their own inferiority, and it is difficult to grow in the process of replacement.

  Mencius said: “So the heavens will descend to the people of Sri Lanka, and they must first suffer their minds, strain their bones, starve their skin, empty their bodies, and disturb their actions.

Mencius’s point of view is basically at the level, and it is very consistent with the psychological laws of people. Only when we find our weaknesses and feel that we are tortured by “inferiority consciousness”, can we really find the growth that is catching up.opportunity.

  Professional women often suffer from conscious afflictions: they are physically inferior to men and cannot withstand the rhythm of full load, they are less likely to be promoted than men, hard work is discriminated against . etc. At this time, you don’t have to cower or blame yourself. When your heartWhen you have accumulated enough free radical energy, what you need to do is to convert it into energy that can promote your own development. Please see the following psychological formula: “Identify my own weakness-women are inferior to men (producing inferior consciousness) suffering depression (“Energy accumulation”-burst (compensation)-self-improvement “This is the psychological formula of female wolf sex.

Workplace struggle is also a “game”. Women and men are both game participants. According to this formula to analyze their careers, we will use a game-style attitude to face ourselves firmly.

  At this moment, your wolf consciousness has been quietly boiling . There is such a phenomenon in the workplace. In the company, some employees have choked Lou Zi and did not do well. If he just said, “Sorry, nextAttention.

“And then, as usual, we seemed to be very angry; if he repeatedly made” deep changes “, we would feel very comfortable.

  One of the unique strengths of working women is their ability to persevere and reflect.

First accept a task, you will prepare and plan without any details, before you start, you will predict the situation of failure many times, and once you fail, you will fall into blame and cannot extricate yourself.

  Ms. Liu, 23 years old, is an administrative clerk. Although the administrative work is trivial, she has little responsibility and has many things to do. She also makes a lot of mistakes.

She told me that I didn’t want to take these minor mistakes to heart, but the manager would criticize me for not learning the lesson, and I changed profoundly, the degree became more and more “profound,” but the manager was very satisfied.I feel more and more stupid.

  Women in the workplace should honestly have a bottom line. The so-called profound changes are just to please their bosses, and have no positive meaning to themselves.

How can we seriously reflect on our mistakes and get through the setbacks in the workplace without affecting the psychology?

  Distinguish the failing behavior from yourself, and distinguish yourself from failure and “self” who finds results and receives lessons.

If your own approach doesn’t work, you don’t have to give up. You can’t change one method to another. Don’t deny your efforts because of this, saying “I can’t do such a thing, I’m useless.”

Practice and yourself are two different things. Mixing them up will only make your mood worse.

  Only when you try new methods with vigor and energy will your real failure lessons be truly embedded and helpful, otherwise, you will only become increasingly embarrassed in the company.

  The cause of failure comes down to “behavior” rather than yourself. Whenever the number of such acts increases, your personal choice ability will become higher and higher. This is why some professional women can strengthen their personal ability after a single failure., And encounter similar problems can calm down the psychological reasons.

  A wolf woman always has a group of “bad friends” who can talk freely, tease each other, and play tricks with friends who can prank together. This method of making friends seems to subvert the traditional “friend view”, but psychologicallypositive effect.

  By shelving the values of fear, rudeness, and rudeness, arbitrary interpersonal states can effectively relieve one’s stress and tension.

We all know that the circle of friends can increase your happiness and relax the psychological burden, but usually, there are two ways to eliminate stress. One is to eliminate yourself, not to be distracted by anyone and everything. Being alone is a lot of girls. “”Dad” psychological reasons.

  The other is to relax yourself unreservedly in front of friends.

  It is recommended that you and your friends talk without words. The slightly irritating and sincere truth can sometimes cause intense evolution. This kind of decompression effect is particularly good.

  Don’t close yourself, or make friendship too far away and serious. Friends can only be associated with happiness instead of using it. Then your tired and tired heart in the workplace will be relieved in “pranks”.

  Private circle: If you change clothes, such as a knife, you will be dressed up before going out in the morning. A sentence like “going to work” will make the little girl emotional.

After going home from work, after bathing, I put on my pajamas and feel comfortable.

  Clothing is highly influencing women’s mental state.

To change your mood, you may also pay attention to your clothes often, “changing clothes like changing a knife”. Professional women should pay special attention to this.

When you are on a business trip, do you pay attention to bringing casual clothes, to a new place, walking with local friends, clubbing, shopping malls, this kind of workplace status is very positive.

  The famous Hong Kong writer Yi Shu’s female images have wolf characteristics. They wear cashmere sweaters, brand-name flat shoes under their feet, and they hate high heels.

Valuable handbag, the house is big enough to ride a bicycle.The honey-skinned skin, sharp teeth, and unwillingness to forgive others. The songs I listen to are old songs. The most common quote is Byron ‘s poem: “After years of farewell, or if we meet again, what do we say?

Tears flowed silently.

“Thus, the view that” strong women “are stereotyped, dogmatic, withdrawn, etc. is just a prejudice against working women.

The efficacy and effect of Luo Han Guo

The efficacy and effect of Luo Han Guo

Today, I will introduce a kind of food with the same medicine and food-Luo Han Guo.

  The efficacy of Luo Han Guo: Luo Han Guo has a sweet and cool flavor, returns to the lungs, the large intestine meridian, has the effects of nourishing the lungs and coughing, refreshing and quenching thirst, and is suitable for lung heat or dryness cough, whooping cough and heat and thirst.Effect.

Luo Han Guo does have the effect of clearing heat and nourishing the lungs, but there is no record in the Chinese medicine literature that Luo Han Guo has the effect of nourishing yin, and there is no record of avoiding food.

Modern medical research has confirmed that Luo Han Guo contains a sweetener that is 300 times sweeter than sucrose, but it does not produce impurities, so it is an ideal alternative beverage for those who are not suitable for sugar, such as diabetes and obesity.

  Luo Han Guo’s role: a precious medicinal material of Luo Han Guo, cool and sweet, can clear the lungs and intestines.

For the treatment of acute tracheitis, acute tonsillitis, sore throat, and acute gastritis, it has a very good effect. It can be used to smash the roots and apply it to the affected area.Medicine; using Luo Han Guolue, immersed in boiling water to soak, is an excellent refreshing drink, can not only refresh the body and prevent respiratory infections, taking it all year long, can prolong life.

Luo Han Juice is used for cooking. It is delicious and delicious. Luo Han Guo is known as “Fairy Fruit”.

  Consumption method (1) Ingredients for candy drink: 250 grams of Luo Han Guo, white granulated sugar.

  Method: Crush the Luo Han Guo, add the appropriate amount of water and cook for 3 times, fry for half an hour each time, steam out the water on a low heat to make it sticky, mix with sugar, dry,Crushed and bottled for later use.

Take about 10 grams each time to drink with boiling water (2) Luo Han Guo’s previous rice porridge ingredients: 250 grams of Luo Han Guo, 50 grams of rice, salt, MSG amount.

  Method: Crush the Luo Han Guo, add the right amount of water to cook, fry 3 times, filter the residue with gauze and set aside.

Previously, the rice was washed and washed with water, and the porridge was cooked in Luo Han Guo soup. When the porridge boiled, it continued to cook until the rice was rotten. Add salt, and MSG was ready to eat.

  (3) Ingredients for weight loss fitness drink: 10 grams of Luo Han Guo, honey, 10 grams of appropriate amount of hawthorn flakes, 250 grams of purified water.

Lo Han Guo washed, crushed, washed with hawthorn, and put in the pot with Luo Han Guo.


Add clean water to the pot, cook on high heat, remove residue and pour into the cup.


Add an appropriate amount of honey to the cup, stir well, and mix as a summer drink.

  Through the sharing of the efficacy and role of Luo Han Guo, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

TCM for menopause syndrome


TCM for menopause syndrome

Growing troubles don’t just happen to children. For adults, the arrival of menopause is also a “growing trouble”.

Many adults are very afraid of the arrival of menopause. They are all soldiers in their 40s and are afraid to get angry and anger, for fear of being called “to the menopause”.

In fact, the same method that Dayu used to guide the water instead of “blocking” the water, as long as he correctly understands and treats menopause, the discomfort caused by menopause will disappear.

The book “Interpreting Menopause-Giving Holidays” (one of the “Tongrentang Health Posts” series) published by Kunlun Press, analyzes the signs of menopause in detail, introduces the main symptoms of menopause syndrome in women and men, and common treatments.Methods: In medicine, menopause refers to a period of transition from middle age to old age. Generally, women are 45-55 years old, and men are 55-65 years old.

For women, menopause is one of the most significant signs of menopause. However, menopause and menopause are not the same concept. Menopause should be the sum of “premenopause”, “menopause”, and “postmenopause”.

In addition to menopause, women have more or less of the following physiological changes in menopause: loss of sexual desire, discomfort or pain in sex; irritability, temper tantrums; depression, sometimes suspicious; insomnia and dreams, memory loss, and so on.

Female climacteric syndrome refers to the symptom that occurs in menopausal women with mild or severe autonomic nervous disorders.

The clinical manifestations are nervous menstrual cycle, hot flashes, flushing, sweating, and mental and neurological symptoms.

For men, the signs of menopause are mainly stress or depression, fatigue, memory loss, inattention, insomnia, hot flashes, sweating, and decreased sexual desire.

In contrast, menopause syndromes have fewer symptom groups than women, because androgen decline in menopause is a slow process.

  Traditional Chinese medicine treats menopausal syndrome mainly by means of syndrome differentiation.

Drugs are prescribed according to different symptoms. Taking women as an example, they are generally divided into three types of treatments: (1) Kidney Yin Deficiency Syndrome: clinical manifestations are menstrual disturbance, shortened menstrual cycle, less or more.Or collapse or leak, dizziness, tinnitus, parched parched fever, sweating, sore waist and knees, heel pain, or dry skin, dry mouth and knots, less yellow urine, red tongue and less moss, pulse count.

Zogui pills and Erzhi pills are generally used for the prescription.

If there are symptoms such as dry eyes, use Qijudihuang pills to add or subtract. If you are upset and have insomnia, use Lily Dihuang Decoction or Ganmai Jujube Decoction and Huanglian Ejiao Decoction.

  (II) Kidney Yang Deficiency Syndrome: Clinical manifestations include heavy menstrual flow, debilitating spirit, dull complexion, cold back pain, long and clear urine, nocturnal frequency, or swollen limbs, thin white tongue coating, and weak pulse.

The prescription is added or subtracted with Yougui Pill.

  (3) Deficiency of kidney, yin and yang: clinical manifestations are menstrual disorders, dizziness, tinnitus, forgetfulness, cold back pain, pale tongue, thin fur, and weak pulse.

The prescription generally uses Erxian Tang and Erzhi Wan.

Commonly used proprietary Chinese medicines can be added or subtracted according to symptoms. If the symptoms of kidney deficiency are obvious, choose Liuwei Dihuang Pill, Qiju Dihuang Pill, Maiwei Dihuang Pill, Zhibai Dihuang Pill, Bawei Dihuang Pill and other Dihuang Pills; insomnia, irritabilityIf the symptoms are obvious, replace Zhushen Anshen Pill, Baizi Yangxin Pill, Tianwang Buxin Dan, Anshen Anzhi Pill and other Anshen Pills; if you have obvious symptoms of depression, you can choose Jiawei Xiaoyao Powder.

The Kunbao Pills screened by Tongrentang from tens of thousands of ancient Chinese traditional medicine prescriptions have shown considerable advantages in treatment and health care, and are trusted by doctors and patients.

Since the root cause of menopausal syndrome in men and women is due to liver and kidney deficiency, the alternative medicines are basically the same, especially Kunbao Pills, which can be replaced by men without hesitation.

If men’s sexual dysfunction is more obvious, Fuyang Chinese patent medicines such as Shenrong Sanbian Pill and Baibu Zengli Pill can be selected.

  Friends who are in menopause are in the age of “knowing destiny” and have a successful career and mature charm. As long as you treat menopause correctly and face it with optimism, you can live through this important turning period of life safely., And enjoy a great time in the second half of life.

Sanctions Department Sprained

Sanctions Department Sprained

In daily life, you often encounter temporary joint sprains.

People are accustomed to scalding the affected area with hot water or a hot towel after rubbing, or rubbing the affected area with alcohol, and some even blindly insist on walking exercise or working with illness. They mistakenly think that it may help to reduce swelling and pain, and promote the recovery of affected limb function.
In fact, these practices are all wrong.

  After a sprained joint, local soft tissues (muscles, blood vessels, and ligaments) will bleed or bleed due to violent injury, which will prevent the swelling and pain in the part, and the symptoms will increase after exercise.

If rubbing or applying heat to the wound at this time, not only will the hematoma not be subsided, but it will artificially aggravate the injury of the affected area, cause the blood vessels in the wound to dilate, increase the amount of bleeding, and further worsen the injury.

Some patients suffer from local pain after joint sprains, but blind hot compresses or sloppy kneading massages will aggravate interventional injuries.

  So, how to deal with the coaxial joint sprain appropriately?

First of all, to avoid weight bearing or walking after the injury, those with severe symptoms can be treated with muscles and muscles: let the patient sit or lie on their backs. The doctor holds the heel of the injured side in one hand and the toes in the other.Slowly pull out and stretch. After a while, do joint extension, flexion, varus and valgus movements, and at the same time slowly flex the tendons to clear the network. Don’t press and rub only in the area of the injury.

Then, use a bandage or a wide adhesive tape to gently fix the affected foot with a 90-degree valgus, and restrict walking.

After 3 weeks, she was unfixed and practiced walking.

At the same time, you can take some drugs to promote blood circulation and stasis to promote the repair of damaged tissues.

For those with mild symptoms, apply cold water or a cold towel and raise the affected limb immediately after the injury.

Because cold compress can shrink blood vessels, reduce local congestion, reduce tissue temperature, leading to hemostatic, swelling, and analgesic effects.

Therefore, after an acute sprain, a local cold compress should be performed, and the sooner the better.

Elevating the affected limb can speed up the blood flow and the return of lymph fluid, so as not to cause blood stasis in the blood vessel injury.

If the Department of Crime has sprained for more than 24 hours, you should switch to a hot pack.

Because hot compress can improve the circulation of blood and lymph fluid, it is conducive to the absorption of congestion and exudate on the wound.

  Cold compress method: put a towel soaked in cold water on the wounded area and change it every 3 minutes or fill the plastic bag with ice cubes for external application, each time 20?
30 minutes.

In summer, it can be washed with tap water. The washing time is generally 4?
About 5 minutes, it should not be too long.

  Hot compress method: put a towel soaked in hot water or hot vinegar on the wound, 5?
Replace the towel after 10 minutes when it no longer feels hot.

Do 1 every day?
Apply twice for 30 minutes each time.

There are different treatments for babies with different temperatures

There are different treatments for babies with different temperatures

Babies are sick, and mothers are most worried. Especially in winter, they often catch a cold and fever if they don’t pay attention. If they don’t pay attention, the child is likely to develop pneumonia. Therefore, the baby should always pay attention to and take treatment measures. In fact, the temperature is different.Processing methods are different, let’s take a look at the specific introduction below!



Below 5 ℃, physical cooling is mainly divided into 3 types of fever: low fever (37.


38 ° C), medium heat (38.


39 ° C), high fever (39.

1?40 ° C).

Generally speaking, if your baby’s temperature is 38.

Below 5 ° C, and not particularly uncomfortable, and in good mental condition, in fact eat as usual, sleep as usual and play as usual, the mother does not have to rush to feed the baby medicine, physical cooling is more suitable.

  Suggested methods: (1) Don’t blindly “cover sweat” Some parents think that “covering sweat” for a baby will transform well, but in fact, such a body is not easy to distribute.

For small babies within 3 months, “open the bag”, open the quilt and wear less clothes, it may have the effect of gradually cooling down.

In fact, a baby with a high fever should not wear thick quilts and wear less clothes.

  (2) Wiping and cooling The mother can use warm water to wipe the body to cool down the baby physically, but it should be noted that alcohol should not be used to prevent the alcohol from entering the baby’s body through the respiratory tract or skin.

  (3) Drink more water. Babies who have a fever and urination should drink more water to increase urine output and promote internal circulation.

At the same time, we must pay more attention to supplement the electrolytes lost by the body, and the mother can appropriately let the baby drink glucose water or fresh saline.



5?39 ℃, you can take medicine when your baby has a fever of 38.

5?At 39 ° C, while taking physical cooling measures at home, mothers can consider giving their baby antipyretics.

Taking antipyretic medicine is based on the principle of using one medicine at a time to reduce the baby’s discomfort and prevent the occurrence of high fever and seizures.

  Suggested methods: (1) Commonly used antipyretics are Merrill Lynch and Tylenol, which can effectively reduce the fever and relieve the baby’s pain.

If your child cannot tolerate oral medications, substitute suppositories for rectal use.

  (2) Warm and humid compress Apply a warm, wet and semi-dry towel to the baby’s chest and abdomen, but be careful not to turn on the air conditioner, so as to prevent the cold in the room from worsening the cold.

In addition, you can also use a few cool wet towels (about 25 ℃) to twist into a semi-dry, put on the baby’s forehead, place, cold under the arm and thigh root, every 5?
Change it every 7 minutes, and your baby will feel much cooler.

  (3) Put on ice or use an ice pillow on the baby’s forehead or the place where it overlaps. It can also be placed under the armpit and bilateral groin.

Homemade ice packs can be filled with crushed ice cubes in plastic bags. You can add an appropriate amount of cold water to press out the air and tie the mouth of the bag.

Or let your baby sleep on the ice pillow, which will help your baby’s local heat dissipation and fever.

But be sure to wrap a layer of cloth outside the ice pack to prevent frostbite on the baby’s skin.

Generally, ice packs and ice pillows are only suitable for older babies. For babies under 6 months, you can use antipyretic stickers on the market to relieve the discomfort caused by high fever.

Chinese medicine teaches you to use ginger for health

Chinese medicine teaches you to use ginger for health

As the saying goes, ginger eats radish in winter and ginger in summer.

Although ginger can not cure all diseases, it is indeed a good medicine, which has a good effect of curing diseases.

  Chinese medicine believes that ginger has a bitter taste, mild lukewarmness, return to the lungs, stomach, and spleen meridian.

  For cold, cold, fever, headache, nasal congestion, vomiting, wheezing, fullness, diarrhea, etc.

  Modern pharmacological research shows that oral administration of Yiyi can cause vasodilation and central nervous excitement, promote blood circulation, increase blood pressure, increase sweating, and also regulate breathing, which is beneficial to metabolism.

Gingerol can stimulate nerve endings in the digestive tract, cause parasitic peristalsis, increase the secretion of saliva, gastric juice and intestinal digestive juice, thereby strengthening the spleen and stomach, promoting digestion, increasing appetite, and improving the disease resistance of the body;Trichomonas vaginalis and dermatophytes have inhibitory effects.

German scientists recently discovered that ginger juice can inhibit the growth of nanoparticles to a certain extent.

Japanese scholars believe that ginger extract has anti-allergic effects, can prevent anaphylactic shock and prevent urticaria caused by certain proteins.

  The role of ginger is still to regulate the temperature of the human body, especially the temperature between the skin and the pores.

Winter climate is cold, ginger can warm the blood, make the temperature rise without fear of cold.

The summer climate is hot, and ginger can stimulate the pores to dissipate heat and reduce body temperature without fear of heat.

Women need to rely on ginger to regulate their body temperature during menstruation or after giving birth.

After giving birth to a child, the mother should pay more attention to letting go of ginger.

As a result of eating more ginger during confinement, the body is no longer weak and cold.

Because ginger can make people sweat, it is also effective in treating colds.

The cure for a cold is that a person weighing 50 kg needs 5 grams of ginger, shallots, garlic, shiso, tangerine peel and boil for 10 minutes with 10 times the water, and drink it within a day.

Amazing massage diet

Amazing massage diet

Many dieters use Chinese medicine massage to help lose weight.

The so-called “massage to lose weight” is to promote the aunt by massage, so that it is often in a soft and easy to burn state.

For example, aunt who lacks exercise and accumulates in the waist, repeated massages can cause very obvious effects.

  Massage can be divided into many types, and it can be placed locally, and the massage technique is also different.

Ordinary massage techniques use the entire palm, back and forth massage, especially for hard parts of the muscles.

Grab-type massage is to use the first, two or two fingers to grasp the weight-loss part, massage, just like pulling the skin, the finger moves on the body surface, suitable for loose skin or a small amount of rich parts.

There is also the main force of the thumb, with the help of other fingers, the left and right, reverse direction to reverse, more suitable for muscles and slightly thick parts.

After massage, you can assist in stroke, twist, friction, contraction, bending and other actions to improve weight loss.

In the massage weight loss process, we must pay attention to the method and direction of massage.

  First, start the massage at the upper part of the body where you want to lose weight. Then, follow the muscles, massage from bottom to top, and massage from the far part of the heart to the heart.

This can make the blood circulation better, the metabolism is strong, and the massage weight loss effect is increased.

In addition, you can also promote weight loss through acupressure, local massage and other methods.

  Although massage has an effect on weight loss, it is only a massage that still does not have a significant weight loss effect.

Massage should be done on the basis of diet and exercise to lose weight.

4 Great Recipes for Leeks

4 Great Recipes for Leeks

Can eating leek really impotence?

How to eat to be the most powerful?

Leeks are called “Aphrodisiac Grass” and “Men’s Grass”.

Sexual temperature, most suitable for human yang.

And often eat leek, can strengthen the spleen and stomach of the human body, kidney and impotence.

  There are many ways for people to use chives to cure diseases. Here are some ways to eat chives: 1. Leek porridge, fresh leeks 50 grams, leek seeds 10 grams (ground fine), 100 grams of rice, a small amount of fine salt

First cook the previous rice as porridge. When the porridge is almost cooked, add leek (washed and cut) or leek seeds, fine salt, and cook for a while.

Function: kidney and aphrodisiac, Gujing stop left, spleen warm stomach.

  2. Leek scrambled eggs with 100 grams of fresh chives, washed and chopped, 3 eggs (shelled), mashed with chopped leeks, stir-fried with vegetable oil, salt and cooked until cooked.

Function warms blood, warms kidneys and waists, aphrodisiac.

  3, Leek fried shrimp, 150 grams of fresh chives, 250 grams of fresh shrimp (without shell), stir-fried and served.

Function: tonifying kidney and refining essence, aphrodisiac treatment.

This product is hot and hot to help fire, body impotence should not eat.

  4, Leek milk, Leek 250 grams, 25 grams of ginger, washed, chopped and mashed, tangled with clean gauze, put the juice in a pot, then mixed with 250 grams of milk, heat and boil, eat while hot.

Function is warm and down, and stomach vomiting.

  However, because leeks are not easy to digest, so they eat too much at one time. Generally speaking, those who have stomach deficiency and heat, fire in the lower part, and indigestion should not eat leeks.

Sweet strawberry kicks off summer slimming!

Sweet strawberry kicks off summer slimming!

Strawberries have become popular in Turkey and other countries, plus Victoria’s beloved wife, Victoria has advertised her success in losing weight through strawberries.

From now on, in the eyes of many fashionable MMs, strawberries are no longer just fruits in a general sense, but they have become sweet and slim babies in the spring of sisters.

As the weather gets warmer, cute strawberries are dressed in colorful costumes, and they are fresh!

On this sweet strawberry summer, sisters, let’s kick off the weight loss!

  Strawberries, also known as cranberries, poplars, ground berries, etc., are the general name for the genus Fragaria of the Rosaceae family, with 50 species worldwide.

Strawberries are native to Europe and met expectations in the 20th century.

Today, the United States, Poland, and Russia are the countries that grow the most strawberries in the world.

At present, strawberry planting has not been long, and it is mostly planted near cities. The crops are grown in Beijing, Tianjin, Shen, Hangzhou and other cities.

  Strawberry is a perennial herb whose fruit develops from a torus and becomes a fleshy aggregate fruit, which is different from the development of ordinary fruits from the ovary.

Its appearance is heart-shaped, delicious red and tender, juicy flesh, sweet and sour taste, rich aroma, both color, and pleasant aroma that is not found in ordinary fruits, it is a rare color, aroma and taste in fruitsTherefore, people are often referred to as the Queen of Fruits. ”

  Strawberries are rich in nutrients and contain fructose, sucrose, citric acid, malic acid, salicylic acid, amino acids and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals.

In addition, it also contains a variety of vitamins, especially vitamin C, which contains 60 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams of strawberries.

The carotene contained in strawberry is an important substance for synthesizing vitamin A, which has the effect of promoting eyesight and nourishing the liver.

Strawberries also contain pectin and a lot of supplementary fiber to help digestion and smooth stool.

The nutritional content of strawberry is easily digested and absorbed by the human body, and it will not be cold or irritated if you eat more. It is a healthy food for all ages.

  There are many ways to eat strawberries.

If the strawberry is mixed with cream or fresh milk, the taste is very good; the washed strawberries are mashed with sugar and cream into strawberry puree, frozen and cold, sweet, fragrant, and delicious summer food; strawberry jam, such as Lantern FestivalThe head, the noodles and the heart are the wonderful food.

Strawberry uranium is processed into fruit juices, jams, fruit wines and cans.

  The medicine of the motherland believes that strawberry is cold and sour, non-toxic, and has the effects of moistening the lungs and promoting fluid, cooling heat and cooling blood, and strengthening the spleen and relieving alcohol.

In case of bloating and poor appetite, you can eat 60 grams of grass poison before meals, 3 times a day; 2.

2. Bleeding gums, sores on the tongue, less urination, when the color is yellow, you can smash 60 grams of fresh strawberries and wash them with cold water 3 times a day;

4. Dry cough without sputum, when the time is long, use 6g of fresh strawberry and 30g of rock sugar to simmer in water, 3 times a day; 4.

4. In case of hot and dry cough, sore throat, and hoarseness, you can wash and squeeze the juice with fresh strawberry fruit, one cup each morning and evening; 5.

6. When you feel drowsy after drinking, you can eat 100 grams of fresh strawberries at a time. After washing, you can take it once to help you sober up. 6.

Those who are malnourished or frail after being sick can squeeze the washed strawberries and add equal amounts of rice wine to mix to make strawberry wine. Drink 1 cup each morning and evening.

  Modern medical research believes that strawberry has a certain tonic effect on both the gastrointestinal tract and anemia.

In addition to preventing scurvy, strawberries have better effects on arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

Vitamins and pectin in strawberries have certain effects on improving constipation and treating hemorrhoids, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia.

Strawberry contains an amine substance, which also has an adjuvant effect on leukemia, aplastic anemia and other blood diseases.

Strawberries are implanted in plants rich in acid content, which can absorb and prevent the absorption of carcinogenic chemicals in the body and have anti-cancer effects.

  Now is the time for strawberries to go on the market, MMs seize the opportunity!

Relive the era of fairy tales in narrative

Relive the era of fairy tales in narrative

Telling stories to babies is probably a required course for every mother.

But I can’t remember how my mother and grandma told me those old fairy tales when I was young.

Those fairy tales are now talking about their lips, looking at the baby’s hopeful eyes, how can they tell them something new?

  It is estimated that everyone who has been a mother will have about the same experience as me: children will never close their eyes as soon as they lie on the bed, and sleep obediently until dawn.

My experience is: without my companion, my daughter is absolutely unwilling to enter dreamland, she will call mom for a while, I will drink water, and will call mom for a pee, and the truth behind all these shouts is, mom,I don’t want to sleep by myself.

  Therefore, when my daughter lay in bed every day, it was also when my childhood was resurrected-at first I didn’t talk to her. I pretended to close my eyes, and when I felt almost, I gave her a sneaky glance at her, but with herHis eyes hit him.

I said, sleep fast.

Close your eyes again.

When I opened a small slit to peek at her a second time, I bumped into her small eyes again.

We all laughed, I said, baby, do you sleep?


She said to sleep, but I couldn’t sleep.

I sighed and had no choice but to say, okay, let’s tell a story if we can’t sleep.

  Yes, I like to tell stories.

Especially, when you are facing a child, your memory and language will become naive and pure, because the story suitable for children is always so simple, and then a line of thinking, good people are always good people, bad people are always bad people, good peopleThere is always a good ending.

This is a great realm of Datong. Every time I retell a fairy tale, I will feel that I am also fairy tale and innocent.

  ◆ The son-in-law Bu Tian heard that I was going to tell a story. My daughter was very excited. She immediately turned around and hugged me and said, “Mom, you are so good.”

Then I continued to rub on my body with my little hand, which inspired me. I said to her, okay, let ‘s start with the “how did people come” legend?

The daughter asked, what is “legend”?

Oh, this is the price of storytelling, you have to answer questions constantly.

I explained: The legend is that since ancient times, one thing has been told one by one, until today.

Oh, after that I will tell the story you told to my children too, that is a legend.

My daughter said very sensibly, and I nodded again and again, and started talking about the origin of human beings.

  I ‘m talking about a long time ago, there is a goddess called son-in-law, she looks beautiful, as long as long hair-the daughter laughed when she heard me, in the eyes of her daughter, long hair is beautiful, shortMake up for the son-in-law: First, the son-in-law is a goddess in Chinese historical myths and legends.

Brother and sister with Fu Xi.

According to legend, five-colored stones were made to supplement the sky, and earth was created to make people, and the marriage and marriage rituals were extended to continue human life and create all beings in the world.

Another said: The son-in-law (wa1) is the daughter of the earth. Her upper part is like a human, and her lower part is like a snake.

She played alone on the earth for a long time and felt very lonely. She hired the earth to create human ancestors and was not beautiful. Therefore, in our vocabulary, we replace long hair with beautiful ones.Let ‘s use short hair to explain how pretty—at that time, she was the only person on the planet, and no one was talking with her or playing with her.

She’s lonely–Mom, mom, daughter interrupted, loneliness means you don’t come to bed with me

―Yes, I squeeze her little nose, and now the baby is not alone.

OK, let’s continue to tell the story.

The aunt-in-law thought, well, I have to make some people to play with me.

Then she dug a lot of loess with a shovel and shovel, stirred them with water, and put them in a large pot.

  ―Are you going to cook?

The daughter asked.

  -no no.

  ―Then why use a pot, isn’t it used for cooking?

  ―Okay, well, mother was wrong, not in a large pot, but in a large pot, all right.It is said that after the aunt-in-law put these stirred loess in the large pot, he picked up the clay figure, just like you squeezed the rubber person.

Pinch a man, pinch another woman, pinch another man, pinch another woman, pinch again, pinch again, pinch again, pinch . she has to pinch a lot, it ca n’t finish pinching for a while, so we start nowSleep well

I officially stopped to tease my daughter.

Sure enough, she quit: “No, no, I’m finished.

“I asked her, what would you do if you were an aunt-in-law?

How long will it take for so many people?

The daughter thought for a while and said, son-in-law can give birth, like you give birth to me.

I laughed and fainted.

I said to my daughter, “Baby, you are so smart, but the aunt-in-law does not give birth by herself. She just pinches it. In the end, she dipped it into the mud with a dip, and the mud changed as soon as it hit the groundAdult.
Those people got married and gave birth to children.

This is how people come.

“My daughter hugged me quickly and said, Mom, fortunately I was born by you, not the son-in-law’s aunt’s mud, otherwise it would be miserable.

I asked why it was miserable.

She said, look at how dirty the soil is . When it comes to here, it’s getting late, I will take advantage of the situation, well, tonight’s performance ends here, and I will tell you the story of the soil tomorrow.

  ◆ The story of Pangu Kaitian dirt is actually the story of Pangu Kaitian.

It is said that there is a strong guy named Pan Gu who sleeps all day.

At that time, the sky and the earth were not separated, and a cloud like an egg was still blurred. Pangu slept in the egg.

Until one day he woke up and found that he was very tall, and the place where he slept was too small.

He stood up. Wow, heaven and earth broke apart. He stretched a lazy waist, and heaven and earth were more apart.

Later, he became older and separated from heaven and earth year by year, and became more and more separated, and finally, like today.

What about Pangu?

My daughter asked me.

Pan Gu later worried that the sky would fall again, and he used his limbs to support the four sides of the earth. His eyes became the sun and the moon, and his pores became stars.

Liar, you liar, my daughter gave me a meaningful look, what about Pangu’s mouth?

Pangu’s mouth became a river valley, and his nose became a mountain peak.

When I thought of my daughter saying that I was a liar, I immediately told her seriously, baby, Pangu, son-in-law, and these stories are all legends and fairy tales. The source of this type of story is the scientific knowledge of working people in ancient timesNot much, and I do n’t understand why there are sun, moon, and stars in the sky, so I wrote these stories to explain.

This is not called deceiving, it is called imagination.

  Imagine that the daughter nodded and stopped telling me to lie.

There is a problem with telling the story to the child. It is how to grasp the degree. In the child’s young mind, the words of the parents and teachers are very sacred.Do not believe it.

So my strategy is to state truthfully, these are the stories, and they are imagined.

Moreover, I told my daughter that you can also imagine this way and edit it this way.

  ◆ Journey to the West I read He Shiguang’s “If I Smell” many years ago. One of them, a Taoist, and he analyzed the five images in the “Journey to the West” Tang Sanzang, Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, Sha Monk, and Little White Horse.The five aspects of one person are actually one person.

Now I can’t remember how to analyze it in the text, but this statement made me very cautious and agree, so I decided to tell my daughter “Journey to the West”.

  I first went to the bookstore and bought many children’s editions and graphic editions of “Journey to the West” to give her a perceptual understanding, and the TV series that was continuously re-broadcasting greatly stimulated the children’s enthusiasm.

Before going to bed every night, I told her little by little, using a simple method. For example, when it comes to the birth of Sun Wukong, I told her that he was a bodhisattva’s blood that evolved and assembled in the heavens and the earth.It becomes different from other ordinary monkeys.

To speak of my daughter’s infinite worship of the Bodhisattva, whenever there is a problem, I pray: “Bless the Bodhisattva.

“I also do not stop her. It is always good to have some sustenance alone. For example, if a daughter’s kindergarten is going to an outing, she needs to get up early.

Before going to bed, her daughter prayed in the quilt: “The Bodhisattva bless me to wake up early tomorrow.

“Then she pretended to be a bodhisattva and said, OK.

Then she pretended to say to herself: Thank you Bodhisattva!I watched her finish all this and felt the wonderful time, and felt that the breath of communication between mother and daughter had reached such a point.

I did the same when I was a kid. Until now, I occasionally come to do so.

So, when my daughter saw that I had been watching her and showed shyness, I said, my mother did this when she was a kid, really, I do n’t lie to you.

The daughter fell asleep and was very excited.

  ◆ The wolf is here to tell a story to the child. You can’t expect him or her to follow your thinking completely. Often, the child’s unrestrained nature will lead your story to a different side.

I encountered some situations when it was said that the regular “wolf is here” story.

When I went home that day, when I saw the lamp at home fell to the ground and shattered, I asked, who did it.

My daughter looked at me very carefully and said, it’s not me, it’s the wind.

  Haha, I thought, it was time to say “the wolf is here”.

So I called her around and hugged her in her arms like a kind mother said, “Mom tells you a story.”

This time she rarely stopped cheering or even lowered her head quietly to listen to me about the wolf.

I said, there used to be a little boy herding sheep on the mountain. There was a wolf eating sheep in the mountain before. The little boy thought, why don’t I call the wolf to see what the adults under the mountain will be like.

So he shouted, “The wolf is coming, the wolf is coming.” The adults under the mountain ran up the mountain after hearing it. At a glance, there were no wolves. Only the little boy laughed there, and they went downhill unhappy.

The next day, the little boy shouted the adults up the mountain in the same way. When the adults saw that there were no wolves, they were not happy to go downhill.

On the third day, the wolf really came, and the little boy shouted in fright. The wolf came, and the wolf came.

But this time, the adults no longer believed that they would not go up the mountain, and the little boy and his sheep were eaten by the wolf.

As soon as I finished speaking, I found my daughter in her arms crying terribly. She said, “Mom, why don’t adults go up the mountain to help the little boy?”

I said that because the little boy lied to the adults twice, the adults didn’t believe him anymore.

  After hearing this, my daughter still whispered and said, why don’t adults go up the mountain to help the little boy?

My daughter’s persistence has stumped me, yeah, why do adults no longer believe in little boys once in this story, or why no one in so many adults believes in little boys for the third time?

However, at the time, I didn’t plan to go any further. What I wanted to go deep into was who actually made the table lamp fall to the ground. When I asked again, the daughter cried even harder. She said, “Not me, really not me, yeswind.
She also said, don’t believe me, I’m not a boy, I’m a girl.

In this last sentence, I trusted her and felt my cruelty.

  ◆ Farmer and snake have this experience. I was more careful when telling the story of “Farmer and Snake” to my daughter. I told her that there was a farmer who was very kind. In winter, he encountered a man who was about to freeze to deathSnake, snake said, save me.

The farmer put the snake in his arms and warmed it with his transformation.

The snake came warm, but after living it killed the farmer and crawled away.

When the farmer was dying, he told his son, Don’t believe and help those who are evil in nature.

  After telling this story, I told my daughter that when you grow up, you will meet many people and come into contact with many people. Most of the people you encounter now are your own, like father, mother, grandparents, etc.Love you and protect you.

But one day you will grow up and meet many other people, and there will be some people with bad minds, so this story teaches us to protect ourselves and not to believe those who have bad minds.

The daughter seemed to listen and ran away without listening.

This reminds me that in fact many stories are essentially summarized by adults in the accumulation of daily experience. Its educational significance may be at the same time as adults, but once a person matures, should he still receive such education?

This is really a dilemma.