[How to eat tender ginger]_Tender ginger_How to eat_How to eat

[How to eat tender ginger]_Tender ginger_How to eat_How to eat

Tender ginger is often placed when we cook food, such as ginger duck or ginger vegetables, which are generally the most sought-after food on the dining table, but some people do n’t know about some of its production methods.So you can follow the introduction below.

1. Ginger duck ingredients: 2 duck legs (500g), 150g of vermicelli, 60g of ginger, 50ml of sesame oil, 150ml of rice wine, salt, rock sugar, soy sauce, chicken essence, star anise, cinnamon, fragrant leaves, pepper, Jujube, wolfberry in moderation.

Method: Wash and drain the duck legs, soak the fans in warm water, chop the duck legs into large pieces, wash the ginger and pat loose, and cut the strips; heat the pot, add the sesame oil; add ginger to the skin until the skin is yellow, add the duckStir-fry pieces, stir-fry until dehydrated and oily. Duck meat is yellow. Take a pressure cooker, put a moderate amount of water, add duck pieces, star anise, cinnamon, red dates, fragrant leaves, wolfberry, rice wine, boil over high heat, simmer for 20 minutesTurn off the heat for a minute; wait for the pressure cooker to cool slightly, open and pour into the casserole, put the vermicelli, rock sugar, salt, soy sauce, pepper, cover the lid, cook for a while on high heat, add chicken essence and serve.

2, ginger spinach ingredients: 400 grams of spinach, 40 grams of ginger, 1 tablespoon of sesame oil, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, 1 vinegar.

5 tablespoons, chicken essence, salt, sesame oil in moderation.

Method: Chop the ginger into the mud, remove the spinach from the root, wash it and cut it into 5 cm long sections; add salt and sesame oil in boiling water, put the spinach in boiling water, and blanch for a while, remove the spinach and putSoak in ice water for a while, remove and dry the water slightly, put it in a large bowl; mix the spinach with ginger puree and seasoning.

3, ginger and spring onion clam raw materials: 1000 grams of clams, ginger shreds, spring onions, fresh red pepper shreds, tempeh grains, soy sauce, raw flour, oil amount.

Method: After boiling water in the pot, pour into the clams. When the shell is opened, pick it up and set aside. After putting the oil in the wok, heat it up and add the bean curd grains and red pepper shreds;Add a few stir-fried onions and ginger, and add soy sauce. Stir in raw powder sauce and serve.

4. Ginger and cowpea raw materials: 200 g of tender cowpea, 40 g of ginger, 25 ml of sesame oil, salt, chicken essence, and vinegar.

Method: Remove the old tendon from the tender cowpea, wash and drain it, cut into 4 cm long sections; add salt and oil in boiling water, cook the cowpea, do not cover when cooking, remove and drain for later use;Rub the ginger into a mud with a tool, or use a blender to make mud. Mix the cowpeas with ginger puree and seasonings, and serve.

[Braised octopus]_Stewed octopus_How to do_How to do

Ning 湂 鏄  头 夗 懗 阆 阆 阞 Tie 溞 纴 庎 川 椴 滃  镄 嫴 炴 Cree 嶉 瀉 綫 綫 纴 闄 還 簡 韍 灾 灤 灤 灤 灤 Nan笂骞舵病鏈夎緝灏忕殑鍒轰簡锛屾墍浠ュ彈鍒颁簡濂藉浜虹殑娆㈣繋锛岃€屼笖鍏惰惀鍏诲吇娈栦篃闈炲父鐨勯珮锛屼笅闈㈠氨浠嬬粛涓€涓嬬孩鐑у甫楸肩殑鍋氭硶銆?1 銆 佸 甫 楸 餏 鎴?鍘樼背闀跨殑娈碉紝鍔犲叆1/3姹ゅ寵鐩愩€?姹 ゅ Do you love me?姹 ゅ Do you know how to make up?/ 2 姹 ゅ Do you love me?5鍒嗛挓锛涘鍒囩墖锛岃挏鍓佹垚钃夛紝钁卞垏娈点€?2銆佸彇涓€绌虹锛屾斁鍏?/3姹ゅ寵鐩愩€?姹 ゅ Do you love me?/ 3 姹 ゅ Pampering the world?/ 2 姹 ゅ Do you love me?姹 ゅ Do you know how to make up?/2鏉竻姘达紝涓庤懕娈点€佸鐗囧拰钂滆搲涓€璧锋媽鍖€鎴愰叡姹併€?3 銆?楦¤泲鎵撳叆纰楀唴锛屾悈鎵撳潎鍖€鎴愯泲娑插緟鐢紱澶ц懕鍘诲ご灏撅紝鍒囨垚娈靛悗鍐嶅垏涓濄€?銆?It ‘s hard to make up for it. It ‘s hard to make up. It ‘s tough. It ‘s tough. It ‘s hard. It ‘s hard to do it. It ‘s hard to do it. It ‘s hard to read it.涜捣娌ュ共娌广€?銆佸€掑叆閿呭唴浣欐补锛岀垎棣欏ぇ钁憋紝鍊掑叆甯﹂奔鍜岃皟濂界殑閰辨眮锛屼互澶х伀鐑у紑鏀瑰皬鐏剸鐓?鍒嗛挓锛屽緟姹ゆ眮鍛堟祿绋犵姸锛屼究鍙洓鐩樸€傝创澹細1銆佸甫楸艰〃闈㈡湁涓€灞傞摱鐧借壊鐨勬补鑴傦紝瀹冨惈鏈変竴绉嶆姉鐧屾垚浠斤紝鑳芥湁鏁堟不鐤楁€ユ€х櫧琛€鐥呭強鍏跺畠鐧岀棁锛屾竻娲楁椂涓嶅What is it?This is a draft of the latest version of the paper, and it ‘s not a good idea. It ‘s not easy to get around. It ‘s a shopping tour. It ‘s a new one. It ‘s a new one. It ‘s a new one.楸 楸 殑 Threshold lazy Gang Xian Tong け 銆?銆佹补鐐稿甫楸肩殑鐏€欙細搴斿厛鐢ㄥぇ鐏偢锛岄攣浣忓甫楸肩殑琛ㄥ眰锛屽啀鐢ㄥ皬鐏參鐐革紝浣夸箣鐐哥啛鐐搁€忋€?銆侀€夎喘鏃讹紝浠ヤ綋瀹藉帤銆佺溂浜€佷綋娲佺櫧鏈変寒鐐瑰憟閾剁矇鑹茶杽鑶滅殑甯﹂奔涓轰紭锛涘鏋滈奔浣撻鑹插彂榛勩€佹棤鍏夋辰銆佹湁绮樻恫銆佽倝绾㈤硟榛戙€佺牬鑲氫负鍔h川甯﹂奔锛屼笉瀹滈鐢ㄣ€傛澶栵紝鎮f湁鐤€佺枼鐨勪汉灏戦甯﹂奔涓哄疁銆?

Weifu Hi-Tech (000581) 2018 Annual Report Review: Waiting for the Value of National VI Products to Increase

Weifu Hi-Tech (000581) 2018 Annual Report Review: Waiting for the Value of National VI Products to Increase

Investment Highlights: Event: The company released its 2018 annual report and achieved operating income of 87.

22 ppm, 10-year average3.

28%, achieving net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company.

96 ppm, with a ten-year average of 6.

82%, 62% of the profits are from the participating companies.

4%, about 56 in 2017.

There was an increase of 7%.

The company made a total of 25,087 provision for asset impairment in 2018.

370,000 yuan, mainly from the impairment of transactional financial assets.

Revenue from fuel injection system components has decreased, and market share has stabilized. State Six will increase unit prices.

The company’s fuel injection system revenue was 50%.

3 ‰, 10-year average is 10%.

The gross profit margin is 23.

3%, down by 1 every year.


We believe that the initial decrease in this part of the revenue is 1) some downstream customers have optimized their technology to reduce the demand for the company’s products; 2) near the end of the fifth national cycle, the company reduced prices to give benefits to customers.

According to the company’s annual report, this part of the product has an internal increase of about 2.36 million units, and its domestic diesel engine market share has reached 54%, a clear lead.

The precision requirements of parts and components have improved in the subsequent Phase VI. The company hopes to improve the profitability of this part.

Participation in Bosch Automobile Diesel continues to enjoy the high-pressure common rail leader dividend.

The company’s 北京夜生活网 share of Bosch Automobile Diesel’s 2018 revenue was 155.

4 ‰, 1% increase in ten years; net profit 35.

500 million, an annual increase of 3.

6%, the net interest rate is as high as 22.

8%, an annual increase of 0.


Bosch Automobile Diesel’s high-pressure common rail products occupy more than 70% of the domestic market, ranking the absolute leader.

The company has deep cooperation with Bosch on equity and products, and the relationship is solid.

In the future, the number of high-pressure common rails in the sixth stage of the country will increase the number, and the profits of participating companies will also benefit simultaneously.

The total amount of post-processing product distribution will still have a chance in the sixth stage of the country.

Revenue from post-processing products in the company’s consolidated business27.

950,000 yuan, an increase of 8 in ten years.

9%. According to the company’s annual report, the market share slightly declined, but Weifu Environmental Catalyst Co., Ltd., an indirect shareholder of the company, had revenue of 33 in the year.

5 ppm, an increase of 13 in ten years.

7%, an increase higher than the consolidated business.

Due to the extremely high requirements for catalysts for passenger car’s national six emission standards, most OEMs adopted catalysts from foreign brands in the early stage of national six, and the company’s market share was close to the year’s low.

The company has a long-term cooperative relationship with Changan, Chery, etc. We believe that the technology will be matured in the sixth country, and the company hopes to achieve and expand its market share with cost advantages.

The company that purchases the membrane electrode of the hydrogen fuel cell promotes long-term growth: The catalyst of the hydrogen fuel cell has certain similarities with the company’s main environmental catalyst, and the acquisition of the IRD brings long-term growth opportunities.

Profit forecast and investment rating: It is estimated that the company’s operating income from 2019 to 2021 will be 8.6 billion, 9 billion, and 93, respectively.600 million; net profit attributable to mothers was 24.

200 million, 26.

8 ppm and 29.

700 million; EPS is 2.

40 yuan, 2.

65 yuan and 2.

94 yuan, the corresponding PE is 10 respectively.

1X, 9.

1X and 8.

2 times.

Maintain the “Highly Recommended” rating.

Risk warning: 1. Domestic diesel engine sales are lower than expected; 2. Domestic passenger car sales are lower than expected; 3. Raw material prices are rising.

Ginza (600858): Performance is slightly lower than expected income pressure

Ginza (600858): Performance is slightly lower than expected income pressure
1H2019 company revenue is reduced by 5 every year.28%, net profit attributable to mothers is reduced by 4 per year.63% of the companies released their 2019 Interim Report: 1H2019 achieved operating income of 64.03 trillion, a decrease of 5 a year.28%; net profit attributable to mother is 67.84 million yuan, which is reduced to a fully diluted EPS of 0.13 yuan, same as minus 4.At 63%, the net profit after deducting non-attribution to mothers was 59.14 million yuan, an annual increase of 2.51%, performance was slightly lower than expected.The decrease in the company’s net profit attributable to its mother was mainly affected by non-recurring gains and losses such as litigation compensation and expenses in the current period. In terms of single quarter breakdown, operating income in the second quarter of 201927.90 ‰, a decrease of 5 per year.22%; realized net profit attributable to mother-168.810,000 yuan, and the company in the second quarter of 2018 achieved net profit attributable to mother 581.260,000 yuan; net profit deducted from non-mother -236.180,000 yuan in the second quarter of 2018, the company realized a deduction of non-attributed net profit of 89.270,000 yuan. Comprehensive gross profit margin rose by 0.95 averages, and the expense ratio rose by 0 during the period.The average gross profit margin of 90 companies in 1H2019 was 19.91%, a year-on-year increase of 0.95 units. 1H2019 company period expenses17.12%, an increase of 0 over the same period last year.90 single, of which the sales / management / financial expense ratio is 12 respectively.47% / 2.38% / 2.27%, a change of -0 over the same period last year.07/0.31/0.66 units. The competition in the regional market has intensified, and revenue-side materials continue to come under pressure. In the second quarter, the company closed 1 supermarket in Jinan and 2 supermarkets in Weifang. As of the end of the reporting period, the company had 130 stores and was entrusted to manage 47 non-listed stores.In 19 years, the company’s revenue performance was dull, mainly due to factors such as increasing competition within Shandong Province and the company’s gradual adjustment of operations under severe terrain.The company’s revenue decline in the quarter narrowed slightly compared with the first quarter, and the expected average value will be under pressure. We have revised down our earnings forecast and maintained a “flat” rating on the company ‘s revenue 夜来香体验网 side. We have lowered our forecasts for the company ‘s fully diluted EPS for 19-21 to 0.09/0.09/0.10 yuan (previously 0.10/0.10/0.11) The company’s P / B ratio has decreased, and local state-owned enterprises with small market capitalization may benefit from the expectation of state reform and maintain the “overweight” rating. Risk reminder: The degree of regional competition is further strengthened, and the cultivation of new stores is longer than expected.



The duck was originally called 鹜, or Jia 凫.

Old duck, duck eggs, and duck eggs are all used for medicinal purposes.

  The taste is sweet, salty, slightly cold, non-toxic.

  Duck eggs contain protein, lecithin, vitamins A, B, and niacin.

  Functional Preserved Eggs: Cool, eyesight, and flat liver.

  [高血压]  每日吃皮蛋2-3个,不用咸味,淡吃,或用糖醋蘸食。  [鼻衄,头胀头痛]  青壳鸭蛋10个,马兰头250克,同煮,蛋熟后,将壳敲碎,再煮至蛋呈乌青色,每日适量,吃蛋喝汤。  [慢性肾炎、浮肿]  取3年以上绿头老鸭1只,去毛剖腹去肠杂,填入大蒜头4-5球,煮至烂熟,(不加盐或略加糖),吃鸭、蒜And drink soup, you can eat 1 every few days.

Autumn Rongqidi Sea Cucumber Lean Soup (Autumn Medicinal Diet)

Autumn Rongqidi Sea Cucumber Lean Soup (Autumn Medicinal Diet)

Rongqidi sea cucumber lean broth soup ingredients 50 grams of Cistanche, 50 grams of sea cucumber, 60 grams of lean pork, 30 grams of wolfberry, 30 grams of cooked land, appropriate amount.

  Wash and dip Cistanche; make wolfberry and wash it thoroughly; soak sea cucumber, wash and shred; wash lean pork and cut into pieces.

Put all the ingredients into the stew pot, add the right amount of boiling water, cover the stew pot, and simmer for 3 hours under mild fire, add the best fish sauce and MSG, and simmer.

Drink soup to eat sea cucumber and lean pork.

  Efficacy Application: Bushen Yijing, nourishing blood and intestines.

It is used for hemodialysis, such as after the illness, postpartum yin and blood deficiency, symptoms of weak constipation, thirst, dizziness, and tiredness.

  This article is reproduced from the expert group of the old Chinese medicine health network. Please indicate the source: The old Chinese medicine health network.

Sexual life also needs to pay attention to mental health

Sexual life also needs to pay attention to mental health

With the development of human society and culture, human sexual instincts have continued to become elegant and noble, and in the intercourse should be more representative of the feelings and dignity of both parties.

Indulging one’s desires in an abnormal way will not only lead to negative psychological changes, but also shame both sides.

Therefore, it is necessary to promote advocacy of mental health in the life of husband and wife. Ignoring this, the family structure will become very fragile.

Sexual mental health in the life of husband and wife is mainly reflected in two aspects: First, it is quite normal that both husband and wife, especially newly married couples, may have different requirements and understandings of sex life for various reasons.

We should understand each other, respect each other, cooperate with each other, and gradually adapt, instead of worrying about each other’s feelings and psychological endurance, rushing and imposing on others.

  Basically, we must pay attention to maintaining good emotions and emotional states, and we must also maintain the integrity of your personality in the life of husband and wife.

This is very important for maintaining a healthy mentality and good personality.

It can be considered that many contents of the intercourse also reflect the culture, ideological and psychological qualities of people.

In the intercourse, any behavior that causes and strengthens the formation and development of the subject’s abnormal psychology is likely to not harm the third party and society, thereby reflecting the unhealthy psychological requirements and habits of the subject.

This kind of bad psychological evidence is corrected by continuously cultivating sentiment, improving self-cultivation, and developing lofty beliefs.

  Many reasons may prevent the healthy development of sexual psychology.

For example, excessive narcissism, irritable personality characteristics, long-term depression of psychological desires that need to be vented, potential abuse and sadistic desires, bad dating, influence of yellow culture, etc., these factors may be used as potential consciousness,It plays a role under the influence of bad inducements; some may act as inducements, activate potential bad psychological factors, and externalize human behavior in different forms.

  Implicit mental health can lead to many adverse consequences: it can destroy the relationship between the husband and wife, make one side avoid the sexual intercourse, resist the psychological, and no longer want to gradually adapt to the other, it is possible that the female side has sexual apathy, and the male side shows premature ejaculation., Impotence; it is possible to change the entire personality characteristics, produce abnormal psychology, and even have more serious consequences.

Spring Health and Kidney Recipe, Your Kidney Will Love It!

Spring Health and Kidney Recipe, Your Kidney Will Love It!

Spring is the season of resuscitation of all things, and the yang qi grows up. Of course, in the spring, nourishing the kidneys must grasp the characteristics of spring qi’s smooth hair.

Eat the food below and your kidneys will love it.

  Primary health-reinforcing kidney recipe 1, lotus seed lotus root porridge ingredients: lotus seed 50 grams, lotus root 15 grams, rice 300 grams.

  Practice: boil the three flavors together, put more water, do not make the porridge too thick.

  Efficacy: Lotus seeds can strengthen the spleen and calm the heart, spleen can strengthen the spleen and kidney, often drink can relieve stress, prevent insomnia and other discomfort caused by stressful work, suitable for spring health food.

  2, yam fungus fried walnut kernel material: yam half root slice, black fungus 30g foam hair torn apart for use, a handful of walnut kernels, a handful of wolfberry, a small amount of onion ginger garlic.

  Method: After boiling the water, add yam and agaric fungus and use cold water to keep the taste crisp.

Heat the pan, add oil, scallion, ginger, garlic and sauté, add yam, and black fungus to stir-fry. Add a handful of walnuts before you pan.

  Efficacy: Yam itself is a kind of high-nutrition, low-content food, which has the effect of nourishing kidney.

Black fungus has the functions of beauty, slimming, anti-cancer and Qi-enhancing. Walnut kernel also has kidney-enhancing effect. It is most suitable for MMs who are pursuing low degeneration.

  3. Fennel kidney material: 90 grams of pig kidney, 6 grams of cumin.

  Method: Heat the pan, pour the fennel into the pan for a while, immediately pour it out and grind it.

After cleaning the pig’s waist, peel off the skin with scissors and cut a hole from the side. Then, insert the fennel into it, and wrap the opening tightly with a string.

Pour the marinated marinade into the pot, add pork loin, and boil over high heat. Hold it for 30 minutes, then bring it to the pot, cut into pieces and serve.

  Efficacy: Nourishing kidney and nourishing kidney, suitable for back pain, cold back, cold and cold.

  4, wolfberry spring bamboo shoot shredded material: wolfberry, spring bamboo shoots, pig lean meat.

  Method: Wash the lean pork and cut into shreds; cut the spring bamboo shoots into the same shreds, heat the frying pan, heat the peanut oil, and stir-fry the shredded pork and shredded shreds at the same time.Stir in MSG and stir well. Absorb wolfberry and stir fry a few times. Pour in sesame oil while boiling.

  Efficacy: For kidney deficiency, dizziness, blurred vision, weakness, etc. It is best to eat in winter and spring.

  5, Shouwu stewed walnut materials: 50 grams of Shouwu, 100 grams of walnuts, 2 dates of jujube, a piece of lean meat.

  Method: Simmer the lean meat in hot water, then add walnuts, Shouwu, candied dates, and simmer for 2 hours.

  Efficacy: Shouwu has the effect of nourishing the liver and nourishing the liver, nourishing the kidney and making the hair fat. Walnut has the effect of nourishing the intestines and intestines. Stewing with lean pork is both delicious and timely.

Correcting good habits

Correcting “good habits”

The various functions of the human body need to be constantly used, and they are reasonable and appropriate. This reasonable and appropriate application is an active and beneficial exercise for human functions.
Unfortunately, many people don’t pay much attention to the word “moderate”.
They are often used to exercising under the guidance of books, newspapers, and some so-called authorities, and have developed a so-called “good habit” type of exercise.
  In fact, many “good habits” type of exercise, repeating habitual movements too little, are not good for balancing human body function.
For example, most people learn to walk by themselves. Basically, they both stare at the road and rarely walk backwards.
This fixes the use and nourishment of parts such as muscles, bones, muscles and veins that the human body has set up to achieve this function, leaving these parts in a state of tension for a long time and overloading and causing strain, and unrelated parts may not be used.Or it is only used in conjunction with inadequate use, let alone exercise and nourishment, so that the blood and blood movements and nerve impulses in these parts are often in a silent state. Over time, their muscles and bones will inevitably lose their plumpness and strength.
  Similarly, some civil servants, company employees, drivers, etc. always repeat an action for a long time at work; the cervical spine, lower back, spine and other parts are easily uncomfortable or sick. This is also known as “occupational disease”. In this regard, we mustChange consciously, including habitual posture, movements, and mentality.
  Fitness experts warn that habitual exercise is irrelevant, and the key is not to be controlled and controlled by it for a long time, not to “start from one end,” and to indulge in it.
Or simply abandon all habits and change them, it is best to develop a habit of constantly changing your original habits, and develop a habit of “capricious” and “indeterminate” so that each habit can be on peopleThe virtuous circle is constantly changing, becoming a “good partner” for human health.
  In addition, changing the intensity and time of exercise is also an aspect of exercise diversity.
Each exercise uses different muscles, or uses the same parts of the muscles in different ways. Diversified exercise can make your body more comprehensive.
If you do a long, slow exercise on the first day, you should shorten the time and increase the intensity the next day.

TCM for menopause syndrome


TCM for menopause syndrome

Growing troubles don’t just happen to children. For adults, the arrival of menopause is also a “growing trouble”.

Many adults are very afraid of the arrival of menopause. They are all soldiers in their 40s and are afraid to get angry and anger, for fear of being called “to the menopause”.

In fact, the same method that Dayu used to guide the water instead of “blocking” the water, as long as he correctly understands and treats menopause, the discomfort caused by menopause will disappear.

The book “Interpreting Menopause-Giving Holidays” (one of the “Tongrentang Health Posts” series) published by Kunlun Press, analyzes the signs of menopause in detail, introduces the main symptoms of menopause syndrome in women and men, and common treatments.Methods: In medicine, menopause refers to a period of transition from middle age to old age. Generally, women are 45-55 years old, and men are 55-65 years old.

For women, menopause is one of the most significant signs of menopause. However, menopause and menopause are not the same concept. Menopause should be the sum of “premenopause”, “menopause”, and “postmenopause”.

In addition to menopause, women have more or less of the following physiological changes in menopause: loss of sexual desire, discomfort or pain in sex; irritability, temper tantrums; depression, sometimes suspicious; insomnia and dreams, memory loss, and so on.

Female climacteric syndrome refers to the symptom that occurs in menopausal women with mild or severe autonomic nervous disorders.

The clinical manifestations are nervous menstrual cycle, hot flashes, flushing, sweating, and mental and neurological symptoms.

For men, the signs of menopause are mainly stress or depression, fatigue, memory loss, inattention, insomnia, hot flashes, sweating, and decreased sexual desire.

In contrast, menopause syndromes have fewer symptom groups than women, because androgen decline in menopause is a slow process.

  Traditional Chinese medicine treats menopausal syndrome mainly by means of syndrome differentiation.

Drugs are prescribed according to different symptoms. Taking women as an example, they are generally divided into three types of treatments: (1) Kidney Yin Deficiency Syndrome: clinical manifestations are menstrual disturbance, shortened menstrual cycle, less or more.Or collapse or leak, dizziness, tinnitus, parched parched fever, sweating, sore waist and knees, heel pain, or dry skin, dry mouth and knots, less yellow urine, red tongue and less moss, pulse count.

Zogui pills and Erzhi pills are generally used for the prescription.

If there are symptoms such as dry eyes, use Qijudihuang pills to add or subtract. If you are upset and have insomnia, use Lily Dihuang Decoction or Ganmai Jujube Decoction and Huanglian Ejiao Decoction.

  (II) Kidney Yang Deficiency Syndrome: Clinical manifestations include heavy menstrual flow, debilitating spirit, dull complexion, cold back pain, long and clear urine, nocturnal frequency, or swollen limbs, thin white tongue coating, and weak pulse.

The prescription is added or subtracted with Yougui Pill.

  (3) Deficiency of kidney, yin and yang: clinical manifestations are menstrual disorders, dizziness, tinnitus, forgetfulness, cold back pain, pale tongue, thin fur, and weak pulse.

The prescription generally uses Erxian Tang and Erzhi Wan.

Commonly used proprietary Chinese medicines can be added or subtracted according to symptoms. If the symptoms of kidney deficiency are obvious, choose Liuwei Dihuang Pill, Qiju Dihuang Pill, Maiwei Dihuang Pill, Zhibai Dihuang Pill, Bawei Dihuang Pill and other Dihuang Pills; insomnia, irritabilityIf the symptoms are obvious, replace Zhushen Anshen Pill, Baizi Yangxin Pill, Tianwang Buxin Dan, Anshen Anzhi Pill and other Anshen Pills; if you have obvious symptoms of depression, you can choose Jiawei Xiaoyao Powder.

The Kunbao Pills screened by Tongrentang from tens of thousands of ancient Chinese traditional medicine prescriptions have shown considerable advantages in treatment and health care, and are trusted by doctors and patients.

Since the root cause of menopausal syndrome in men and women is due to liver and kidney deficiency, the alternative medicines are basically the same, especially Kunbao Pills, which can be replaced by men without hesitation.

If men’s sexual dysfunction is more obvious, Fuyang Chinese patent medicines such as Shenrong Sanbian Pill and Baibu Zengli Pill can be selected.

  Friends who are in menopause are in the age of “knowing destiny” and have a successful career and mature charm. As long as you treat menopause correctly and face it with optimism, you can live through this important turning period of life safely., And enjoy a great time in the second half of life.