[Food with sweet potatoes]_food taboo_food taboo

[Food with sweet potatoes]_food taboo_food taboo

Sweet potatoes belong to sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes are also called sweet potatoes, and sweet potatoes. There are many names for sweet potatoes, but sweet potatoes have high efficacy and good nutritional value, but what they need to know is some foods that are sweetened by sweet potatoes.This may only cause some trouble and burden, and may also affect the body. What are some precautions about eating sweet potatoes?

Sweet potato is the root block of convolvulaceae sweet potato, also known as sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato, potato, and sweet potato. There are two kinds of red and white.

List of sweet potato foods, and sweet potato foods: Tomatoes and sweet potatoes: The same food will cause stone disease, discard vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea.

Eggs and sweet potatoes: the same food will cause abdominal pain.

Crab and sweet potato: the same food is easy to clot in the body.

The weight of persimmon and sweet potato is as follows: persimmon is sweet and cold, can clear heat and refresh the body, moisturize the lungs, contains protein, sugar, aunt, pectin, fermented acid, vitamins and inorganic salts and other nutrients.

Sweet potatoes are sweet and flat, tonifying qi, replenishing energy, strengthening kidney yin, and contain a lot of nutrients such as sugar.

Consuming these two foods separately is good for the body, but if they are eaten at the same time, it is bad for the body.

Because of eating sweet potatoes, a large amount of hydrochloric acid is produced in the human stomach, and persimmons precipitate under the action of gastric acid.

The sediments accumulate together, which will form agglomerates that do not precipitate water, which is difficult to digest and difficult to discharge, and it is easy to get gastrolith.

Therefore, sweet potatoes and persimmons should not be consumed at the same time.

Sweet potato (English: sweet potato), scientific name: Ipomoea batatas (L.

) I’m.

) Also known as sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato (north), red sweet potato (multi-local dialect), line sweet potato, sweet potato, golden sweet potato, sweet potato, vernal sweet potato, pillow potato, fanflower, sweet potato,Fennel sweet potatoes, red-skinned sweet potatoes, cute sweet potatoes, etc.

Sweet potato belongs to the tubular flower order, annual plant of Convolvulaceae, more than 2 meters in length, lying on the ground, and the leaves are usually wide oval, 4-13 cm long, 3-13 cm wide, corolla pink, white, palePurple or purple, bell-shaped or funnel-shaped, 3-4 cm long, capsules ovate or oblate, with false braids, divided into 4 chambers, with underground roots, roots spindle-shaped, outer skin yellow or purplish red.

Sweet potato protein protein, starch, pectin, cellulose, amino acids, vitamins and various minerals, has the reputation of “longevity food”.

The sugar content reaches 15% -20%.

Anti-cancer, protect the heart, prevent emphysema, diabetes, weight loss and other effects.

Ming Dynasty Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” recorded “sweet potato tonic, spleen appetizer, strong kidney yin”, and said that the longevity of people in the sea.

Traditional Chinese medicine regards sweet potatoes as good medicine.

[How to determine if it is a hormonal face]_Recommended diet

[How to determine if it is a hormonal face]_Recommended diet

As a woman, in addition to buying beautiful clothes, that is all kinds of skin care products and cosmetics. Nowadays, there are a wide range of skin care products on the market, and it is easy to be advertised to brainwash. No matter what skin care products you start to buy and buy, this also leads toThe formation of “hormone face”.

The so-called hormonal face is hormonal metabolic dermatitis. It is mainly caused by the long-term use of hormonal creams or skin care products containing hormones. It is a serious skin disease. Generally, after using hormonal products, the skin will cause particularly good and can no longer be replaced.Then the problem will gradually show up. This is the phenomenon of “hormonal rebound”.

Symptoms of Hormone Face The skin appearance of hormone face will appear bloodshot, thinning, hardening, pigmentation, worsening of hairs, acne, red face and other symptoms.

If conditions permit, you can do a skin test to make the skin atrophy and thin, subcutaneous capillaries dilate and congest, and pigment unevenness.

Hormone face has a grade of a certain level: mainly acne.

Level 2: Acne and moderate acne, pustular acne.

Level 3: A large number of pimples acne, pustular acne, nodular acne less than 3.

Grade 4: Large-area nodular ulcers, cystic ulcers, or polymerized ulcers; nodular acne, cystic acne greater than 3.

How do hormones treat the symptoms of hormonal face on your body, then change hormone drugs or cosmetics immediately, and then go to the hospital for medical examination is a wise choice, maintain a good attitude, maintain a good schedule, avoid using irritating food, doProtective measures can effectively avoid hormone face.

[Is it easy to gain weight by eating flour]

[Is it easy to gain weight by eating flour]

We will find that friends in the northern region are not as slender as those in the southern region, and the quality of the skin will be more biased. This is due to the differences in eating habits in various places, which will cause this situation. When people eat flourMost of them are easy to gain weight, because the content of flour is many times higher than that of rice.

Will long-term eating flour make you fat? What makes people fat is protein, impurities (also known as sugar) and aunts in food.

Because only protein can be converted into sugar in the human body, and then the excess sugar is finally converted into auntie, which is a transformation process.

Therefore, to see if a food makes you fat, you can refer to its protein content and sugar content.

Many people think that flour is easier to gain weight than rice, so let’s compare the protein and sugar content of rice and flour: one: rice: various (343.

00 kcal) · protein (7.

70 g) Plasma (76.

80 grams) 2: flour: content (334.

00 kcal) · protein (11.

20 g) · Carbide (71.

50 grams) Contrast contrast can be ground, the protein content of rice and flour, the sugar content is not much worse.

Moreover, the moments of the two are almost equal.

Therefore, eating too much rice or flour can make you fat.

No one is more likely to gain weight than the other.

The claim that the benefits of eating flour is “the stomach is not good enough to eat more noodles” makes some sense.

Generally speaking, pasta is better digested than food placed on rice. This is due to the fact that the double starch is a starchy food, but the starch structure is different, which results in different digestion results.

Especially for pasta foods, people who have more acid in the stomach should eat more. Since the soda used in pasta is alkaline, it can neutralize the excess stomach acid.

People who like rice in the south can try to make the rice softer if the stomach is not good. The harder the rice, the harder it is to digest.

You should also eat as little food as possible from glutinous rice noodles, otherwise it will not help digestion.

Pasta is made from flour, which comes from wheat.

Wheat is flat and sweet.

However, it is slightly wet with the proportion of rice, so it is usually eaten by milling flour-shaped pasta products or boring into oatmeal.

Its ability to nourish the stomach and regenerate jin is slightly worse, but the effect of nourishing qi and filling is better.

Therefore, the northern human body is more powerful than the southern people.

Generally speaking, people with a good stomach are advised to eat coarse grains, pasta is better, while those with a weak stomach are advised to eat fine grains, rice is better.

In addition, whether pasta can be easily digested is also related to its processing.

If the noodles are fermented, their stagnation will be greatly reduced, which will help the human body to digest.

Although the noodles have not been fermented, they must be boiled after being cut and boiled.

Yi Jiahe (603666) in-depth report: Accelerating the volume of live-operating robots will double-click Davis

Yi Jiahe (603666) in-depth report: Accelerating the volume of live-operating robots will double-click Davis

The first new-type live working robot is the first in 北京夜生活网 China, which is included in the industry blank.

There is homogeneous competition in traditional product inspection robots and manufacturers’ integration, such as Shandong Luneng and Shenhao Technology.

Yijiahe’s new live-operating robot is the first of its kind in China with high technical barriers. Yijiahe is currently the only company that can provide commercial products, demonstrating the company’s independent research and development capabilities.

The space for live-operating robots is expected to reach 20-30 billion yuan.

According to the calculation of the number of domestic live working teams and the unit price of live working robots, the domestic live working robot market capacity has reached 20-30 billion U.S. dollars, and the development prospect is broad, which will bring sufficient performance depth to the company.

The sales channels were fully opened.

Since Jiangsu Province accounted for about 70% of the company’s inspection robot sales in history, market competition is worried about cross-provincial breakthroughs.

A joint venture company is about to be established. Yijiahe’s research and development capabilities are strongly integrated with the sales channels of the State Grid to open up national sales channels, and the company’s growth is gradually eliminated.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

The company is the leader of national power inspection robots. New live-operating robots began to increase in volume at the end of 2019, bringing performance flexibility.

Therefore, we raise the company’s performance expectations. Based on the orders 成都桑拿网 in hand at the beginning of 2018 and the current year’s revenue estimates, the revenue for 2019-2021 will be 7 respectively.

0.6 billion, 10.

1.4 billion, 15.

5.4 billion, net profit attributable to mothers was 2.

5.1 billion, 3.

7.2 billion, 5.

8.7 billion, corresponding to PE of 33, 23, 14 times, the company will welcome Davis double-click.

Risk reminders: The industrialization progress of live-operating robots is less than expected; generally, the progress of the construction of electric power Internet of Things is less than expected; the risk of high customer concentration; the risk of developing markets outside the province is less than expected;

Daun shares (002838): TPV continued heavy volume and Haier’s new material consolidation helped boost performance

Daun shares (002838): TPV continued heavy volume and Haier’s new material consolidation helped boost performance
Event Overview The company released its third quarter report for 2019 and achieved operating income for the first three quarters19.0.94 million yuan, an increase of 148 in ten years.45%, net profit attributable to mother 1.27 ppm, a 44-year increase of 44.72%, net profit after deduction 122 ppm, an increase of 52 in ten years.25%, EPS0.31 yuan, expected average ROE12.73%.Among them, Q3’s operating income and net profit attributable to mothers were 6, respectively.9.5 billion, 0.48 ppm, an increase of 159 per year.87%, 50.81%.  Analysis and judgment: Haier’s consolidation of new materials and continued heavy volume of TPV led to a large increase in performance. The company’s average revenue and net profit increased in the first three quarters, mainly due to the consolidation of Haier’s new materials and continued heavy volume of TPV.The company acquired 80% equity of Haier New Material in cash in November 2018, and Haier New Material promised to increase its net profit to 1.85 ppm, after the acquisition the company’s modified plastics capacity increased by 12 to 19.In 1 second, it ranked third in the country.The 杭州桑拿体验网 company is the third largest TPV company in the world and the largest domestic TPV company, with a production capacity of 2.Phase 2, including one month of production in June 2018, with major customers such as GM, Nissan and other leading automobile manufacturers. The continuous release of production capacity releases the continued development of the market. The sales volume of TPV increased by 30% this year. According to the company’s investor relations activities in August 2019Disclosure, replenishment early next year 1.1In the early stage, the market share will continue to grow.The company’s gross profit margin in the first three quarters was 16.85%, net sales margin 6.76%, a slight increase from the interim data.  HNBR and TPIIR have become new profit growth points. New products will continue to emerge. HNBR (hydrogenated 深圳桑拿网 nitrile rubber), due to its high heat resistance, oil resistance and other characteristics, is widely used in oil pipe oil seals, seals, tire materials, the market space is huge.The company put into operation a production capacity of 1,000 tons at the end of March 2019. It is expected to sell hundreds of thousands of tons within the year, with higher prices and gross profit margins.TPIIR is mainly used for medical rubber plugs to replace thermosetting bromobutyl rubber. The market demand is about 6 tons. The company increased its production capacity by 2,000 tons in the second quarter of 2019. According to the company’s interim report, the use of grade TPIIR project is under construction. It is estimated that 2020In the second half of the year, it is ready for use.In addition, the company’s TPU (polyurethane thermoplastic elastomer) and DVA (tyre gas barrier layer) will also be important growth points of the company’s future profits.  Issuing convertible bonds to continuously improve Haier’s new materials market competitiveness. The company announced in June 2019 that it plans to issue no more than 3.The 6 billion US dollars of convertible debt is used to reduce the construction of Haier’s new materials in order to solve the pressure of Haier’s new materials supply shortage, while also reducing the company’s financial costs.  The investment proposal estimates that the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 will be 25.92/33.71/42.2.7 billion, net profit attributable to mothers was 1.86/2.66/3.62 trillion, EPS is 0.46/0.66/0.90 yuan, the current corresponding PE is 27/19/14 times.The company is a leader in the TPV industry. It is deeply cultivating dynamic vulcanization platforms, hydrogenation platforms and esterification platforms. Existing products are continuously heavy and new products are successively relayed. The company’s future growth is highly certain.Covered for the first time, giving “overweight” rating.  Risks indicate the risk of rising raw material prices; the risk of new product markets such as HNBR developing less than expected; the progress of capacity construction is not as expected.

AVIC Aircraft (000768): The performance is in line with expectations, firm and optimistic that the company will promote the reform of state-owned enterprises

AVIC Aircraft (000768): The performance is in line with expectations, firm and optimistic that the company will promote the reform of state-owned enterprises

Investment Highlights: Event: The company released the 2019 first quarter report: The company achieved operating income of 63.

7.5 billion, a previous growth rate of 21.

42%; net profit attributable to mother is 0.

39 trillion, an annual growth rate of 46.

13%; net profit after deduction is 0.

1.3 billion, a 10-year growth rate of -10.


The company’s performance basically met market expectations.

Opinion: The company’s sales revenue has grown rapidly every year. Excluding the impact of Shen Fei’s and Xifei’s aircraft, the company’s net profit attributable to its mother has increased.

73%, basically in line with expectations.

Company Q1 achieved operating income of 63.

7.5 billion, an annual increase of 21 over the same period last year.

42%, mainly benefited from the smooth progress of balanced delivery, and the number of products delivered in this period increased year by year.

Company Q1 achieved net profit attributable to mother 0.

39 trillion, an increase of 46 per year compared with the same period last year.


Excluding the impact of financial statements and taxes and additions caused by the civil aircraft, the company’s Q1 net profit attributable to its parent was 2,774.

830,000 yuan, an increase of 2 every year.

73%, basically in line with expectations.

The decline in the company’s sales gross profit margin to a short-term phenomenon is basically the effect of balanced delivery leading to an increase in up-front expenses and product sales structure.

Company Q1 achieved gross sales margin of 5.

15% compared to the same period last year (6.

04%) down 0.

89%, the company ‘s gross margin reduction was mainly driven by balanced delivery. The continuous short-term cost of sales growth exceeded sales revenue growth. Generally speaking, the gross profit margin of new aircraft has declined for traditional products. Therefore, we analyze and predict that the military aircraft assembly business will sell products.The short-term adjustment of the structure has reduced the gross profit; from the perspective of operating cash flow, cash paid for purchasing goods and services (39.

3.7 billion), an increase of 9 compared with the same period last year.

1.2 billion.

Benefiting from the technological advancement of the final assembly process, the expected price changes of new products, and the learning curve effect that will lead to an increase in final assembly efficiency, we analyze and predict that there is a certain room for improvement in the company’s reduced gross profit margin.

For the first time, focus on the core investment logic of the company’s mid- and long-term value: 1) Under the Air Force construction strategy of “integration of air and space, both offensive and defensive”, there will be a significant gap in combat support aircraft.Benefit.

2) The company’s military-to-civilian business cuts into the mainline civil aircraft assembly and parts and components business. The advantage of the card position may promote the expansion of the civil aircraft market with space.

3) As the assembly body of large domestic aircraft, the company may benefit from the release of performance brought about by possible breakthroughs such as the reform of the military pricing mechanism.

4) The company may promote the reform of state-owned enterprises, improve the internal governance structure, and promote the reform of the incentive mechanism to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees. It is expected to significantly improve the quality of company management in the future.

Maintain profit forecast and buy rating.

We maintain the company’s net profit attributable to mothers for 19-21 years to 6.

7, 8.

2 and 9.

800 million, currently sustainable (2019/04/26, 16.

(16 yuan) The corresponding PE is about 67, 55, and 46 times.

As the only general assembly target of large military aircraft in China, the company enjoys exclusive procurement of scarce core assets for heavy military aircraft purchases, supplements the military product pricing system and state-owned enterprises to improve quality and efficiency, and may have better performance for steady growth and the potential for state-owned enterprise reforms. Therefore, we maintain the buy rating. Risk reminders: 1) Uncertainty in the timing and magnitude of military aircraft purchase price adjustments; 2) New aircraft development, delivery 武汉夜生活网 progress and use effects are less than expected; 3) Civil aircraft and other military-civilian integration business development risks.

Anti-aging simple finger exercises 5 minutes a day

Anti-aging simple finger exercises 5 minutes a day

When you find the first fine lines on your body, you are destined to start the journey against them.

In the face of wrinkles that women can never tolerate, we only need to take care and combine them with corresponding products to naturally attack and defend, and lead the highland in this anti-wrinkle defense battle.

  First, soothing fine-line massage method. It is not enough for us to simply use the product far more than us. It is also necessary to combine some skin care steps and massage methods so that we can do more with less.

  The lip lines are aligned with the contours of the lips, and the thumb and forefinger fingertips gently pinch the skin at the same angle as the fine lines, repeating five times.

  After the neck pattern absorbs the neck cream, massage the hands obliquely up to the back of the ear, and at the same time, obliquely downward near the back of the ear to make a constant contraction with gentle force, which is consistent with the direction of the jugular blood flow, which can promoteBlood circulation eliminates soreness and prevents wrinkles.

  Decree lines Decline lines are pushed up towards the wings of the nose and gently squeeze the skin with your thumb and index fingertips.

The pressing action needs to be even and symmetrical, massage in the same direction as the decree, and repeat five times.

  Raise your head with your hands, insert your fingertips into the hairline, and pull back hard. Your eyes will look down to help stretch the skin on your forehead and ease the formation of your wrinkles.

  The fine lines on the corners of the eyes use the middle and ring fingers to gently block the corners of the eyes and stimulate skin blood circulation.

  Emoji lines Emoji lines must pay more attention to not making your emotions fluctuate too much. Emotional fluctuations can easily affect the internal circulation of our body. In addition, rich expressions will make our skin cells form habits that are close and scattered.Fine lines increase.

   Second, daily care for fine lines POINT point 1: If you are a beauty-loving JMS, then the editor should remind you that when applying foundation or applying powder, you must not do too much movement in the area of the decree lines.A thin layer is good, otherwise there will be a pile of heavy makeup on the decree lines.

  Point 2: When using anti-wrinkle products, you must not be reluctant. You can have big movements on skin care products. As long as it is not a greasy product, apply more when you use it at night. This will not put a burden on the skin.Added a protective layer to the skin.

  Point 3: When using every anti-wrinkle product, if you don’t have time to do the massage steps like the previous ones, then at least you should cover your entire face with both hands at the end, so that all skin care products can grasp the warm “push””Go in.

  三、推荐产品  Kiehl’s契尔氏护唇膏1号   参考价格:RMB 78元   L’Oréal Paris巴黎欧莱雅复颜脸颈塑颜霜   参考价格:RMB 220元   Eucerin优色林 辅酶Q10柔安修纹紧致日霜   参考Price: RMB 208 yuan CHINFIE Qing Fei Platinum to Zhenheng Yan Day and Night Cream Reference Price: RMB 330 yuan Kiehl’s Kielh’s Deep Sea Gel Cream

Scientific diet is the highlight of growing up

Scientific diet is the highlight of growing up

Spring is here, the grass is green, the flowers are blooming, and the baby is growing up!

Parents should not forget that the scientific diet is the highlight of growing up!

Li Ximin, a nutritionist in the Department of Dietetic Nutrition, Henan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, recommends several foods to parents and friends. Parents can make reasonable choices according to the different situations of their children.


Dairy products: Milk is an ideal nutrient-rich food. Milk contains protein, vitamins, and calcium, and can be digested and absorbed by the human body with the highest rate.


Soy and soy products: Soy is currently the highest protein content and highest quality natural food.

The human body cannot synthesize eight essential amino acids that must be absorbed from food. Except for methionine, soy is rich in other soybeans.

It is also rich in calcium.

Among them, tofu is high in calcium in soy products.

Black beans have the highest quality protein in soybeans.


Shrimp skin: Shrimp skin is extremely rich in calcium.


Beef: Contains higher protein, of which the beef sauce contains the highest protein.


Fish: Fish contains globulin, albumin, and a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids. It is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamins.


Animal liver: rich in calcium, it is also rich in high-quality protein, vitamins and trace elements, and contains a lot of choline and iron.


Pork Ribs: Plasma calcium, medulla and high-quality animal protein, you should eat soup and eat meat.


Carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, mango: rich in carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A in the body, which is good for skin and eye health.


Laver, kelp: Allow iodine, which is good for children’s growth and development.


Walnuts, almonds (large almonds), hazelnuts, cashews: Also known as the world’s four major nuts, they have high heat and protein, but they should be eaten less by obese children.

In the spring, children should eat more seasonal vegetables, such as seaweed, garlic, zucchini, cucumber, rape, green beans, etc. Seasonal vegetables conform to the growth law, and its quality is a large greenhouse vegetable.

In addition, cereals (including rice and noodles) are essential for daily staple food, and should be adequately supplied.

 Recommend a few simple dishes for young parents to help their children grow up: 1.

Cucumber with three beans: Soy beans, black beans, and green beans are soaked in salt water for more than 6 hours, cooked, and mixed with cucumbers, light and refreshing.

Deep-fried small fish (shrimp): The small fish (shrimp) is marinated for a while with salt, shallot, ginger, cooking wine, egg white batter, deep-fried in the oil pan, sprinkled with salt and pepper, it is delicious and delicious.eat together.

Ribs stewed with yam: ribs stewed with yam, cut into small pieces, cut into small pieces, boiled in water, stewed in a pot, seasoned with shallots, ginger, seasoned with water after boiling, stewed with yam when the ribs are mature, and put salt.

Fish tofu soup: Tofu simmered water, remove the smell of beans, fry the yellow carp on both sides, pour boiling water, and the soup boils for about 5?
Add tofu after 6 minutes, and stew for 5 minutes and season with salt.
Shrimp skin and seaweed tofu soup: Rinse the shrimp skin and seaweed first, soak it, put in the oil and sauté the ginger, and put in water, while putting the shrimp skin, laver and tofu.

After the water has boiled, simmer for a while, then simmer, and season with salt.

Interview: Don’t Lose Your Career by Details

Interview: Don’t Lose Your Career by Details

For a counterfeit currency interview, a supermarket needs to recruit a qualified cashier. Seven women participated in the interview, and one of my former colleagues also participated in the application.

The interview was presided over by the owner of the supermarket. For the people who came for the interview, the boss threw out a hundred dollar bill and told them to go downstairs to buy cigarettes.

When these people went to the designated place to buy cigarettes, the salesman told them that the hundred-dollar bill was fake.

And my colleague worked at the bank for many years as a cashier. Once he received the boss’s hundred-dollar bill, he used to take care of it, touched it, and dumped it. He immediately discovered that the money was fake, and returned the fake currency to the boss in person.

The boss immediately signed a long-term employment contract with her and gave her the cash register at the supermarket.

Those candidates who did not find out in person that this hundred-dollar bill was counterfeit were eliminated.

  Supermarket owners say that a person’s professional standard sometimes cannot be judged theoretically.

However, a person who cannot recognize even fake currency, no matter how superior his other conditions are, is not good at cashier work.

  Obsolete examination papers A bank took an exam in order to recruit several accountants. Most of the candidates who took the application examination were outstanding students in finance and accounting majors who had just graduated from college.

Because it is open recruitment, examination results and admission lists are announced to the public.

On the day of Zhang Bang, the candidates gathered in front of the list and there was a lot of discussion.

It turned out that there were only six people on the list, with no more than 80 points, and only six people were hired.

Candidates who think they can score more than 80 points are indignant: they don’t even have a grade, they must have a “behind the scenes deal.”

They came to the president’s office in anger, “to discuss with the president”.

  Unexpectedly, the bank president seemed to have been prepared. He opened a locker in the office and took out a stack of test papers. These candidates’ papers were not evaluated at all.

A candidate asked: “Why not review our papers?


“The president said without hesitation,” You’d better take a look at these papers yourself, either with ballpoint pens or blue water fountain pens. You can look at your admission ticket, and the test rules on the back clearly indicate: must useThe black water pen answers the question, otherwise the test paper is invalid.

“” If you are so eye-catching, you do n’t pay attention. What about the test scores?

Who dares to take careless people to the bank to do accounting!

I hope you will pay attention to details in the future. This is the necessary foundation for accounting.

The governor said with a smile.

  The chief financial officer was eliminated by senior headhunter Teresa of a well-known headhunting company and talked about a depressing experience.

After receiving a list from a Canadian financial consulting company, Teresa’s project team spent nine cattle and two tigers to dig a powerful CFO (Chief Financial Officer) from a well-known state-owned enterprise.After the interview, the employer was sacked.

This means that the efforts of Teresa’s project team have been wasted again.

Later, after investigation, I learned that the performance of the CFO during the interview was unexpectedly much higher than that of the headhunting company. His behavior and identity caused a great disproportion, which can be said to be uncomfortable.

  At that time, I had an appointment with the employer to start the interview at 14:05 pm, but the CFO arrived at 14:12.

When the lady at the front desk took him to the interview, the manager of the interview had not asked anything, and he began to explain that there was no traffic jam on the road.

Just three minutes after the interview began, his beautiful cell phone rang, and the CFO habitually answered the phone, leaving no one behind.

Just listen to him: “Isn’t this thing told you many times?

You can just ask the general manager directly . “In the interview, the interviewer asked,” Are these operations feasible? ”

The CFO replied, “I said that there would be no problem doing this. I have more than ten years of work experience in this area.

“As a result, although the other party acknowledged his business abilities, but a person who does not even have basic professional qualities, who dares to invite him to join?

  People often take people as the standard. Many European companies’ HR managers say that in addition to their identity with corporate culture, they also pay particular attention to the details of the behavior of the candidate, because these directly reflect the professionalism of a candidate.

I believe that the CFO couldn’t think of the reason why he did not apply for the job, it was just a small detail.

Three tips for allergies to higher metal jewelry

Three tips for allergies to higher metal jewelry

Tip one: Jewelry must be trapped day and night; our body temperature and sweat, as well as some make-up residues, can corrode metals to varying degrees, and certain bacteria and rusts produced after metal corrosion can causeOur skin makes a big impact, in fact a large number of friends are just sensitive to these bacteria.

Therefore, timely implantation of jewelry and cleaning of the skin of the implanted jewelry is particularly important.

  Tip two: Lock rings, necklaces and other jewelry should not be too tight; if the inlaid jewelry is too tight, it will cause small blood circulation disorders in the human body.

Once the blood is not circulating, this is the main culprit causing metabolic disorders.

The appearance of slow-metabolized skin is extremely likely to cause skin diseases.

So we have to choose the right size hand instead.

  Tip three: Don’t place too heavy earrings; friends with pierced ears must pay attention to it, if you like to wear more exaggerated earrings.

Even if you have no metal allergies, you may occasionally feel a strong itching and burning sensation in the pierced ears, which proves that your earrings are too heavy.

Because the weight of the earrings is completely borne by our little earlobe, his muscle tissue will alarm.

This is a reflection of our body itself in order to protect the integrity of the cells without trauma. We must pay attention and take good care of it in time.