[How to make Northeast pie]How to do it _ How to do it

[How to make Northeast pie]How to do it _ How to do it

Northeast flatbread is a kind of food in the northwest and southwestern China. It is regarded as a staple food for consumption. It is made of flour and the materials are simple and the method is not complicated. It is deeply loved by people.

Northerners usually use big cakes as a staple food, while most southerners eat big cakes as snacks.

Because the method of making is simple, it is very common in ordinary families. Let’s take a look at how to make authentic Northeast big cakes to make them delicious. What is the correct way to make big cakes.

Ingredients: 500 grams of flour and 100 grams of sesame oil; Method: 1. Pour the flour on the chopping board, then take a cup of boiling water (be sure to boil the water, the hot noodle cake is soft), prepare a pair of chopsticks (for flour mixing, of course, if you thinkHands are not afraid of boiling water, or they can be unprepared).

2. Pour the water little by little and stir with chopsticks at the same time to make the flour flocculate (the water must be poured slowly and the agitation must be fast, otherwise the flour will form a large mass and it will be overheated), and at the same time flocculentPull the flour aside and don’t get in the way.

3. After the flour has formed into floc, you can put down the chopsticks and let it cool down (don’t let it cool down, it will feel warm to the touch, not hot). 4, knead the flour into a dough and knead until it feels likeWhen the dough is strong enough, you can wake up.

5. Wake up for about 15-20 minutes, knead again, and roll into a large piece with a rolling pin, the thinner the better.

6, pour a little salad oil on the surface, use the four sides of the surface to overlap the center, dip the salad oil (the purpose is to evenly spread the salad oil), and then sprinkle evenly with salt and pepper (don’t sprinkle more, like sweetPeople can sprinkle sugar, but be sure to use white sugar, the granulated sugar is too large).

7, roll up the noodles from above, roll into a long strip, cut into several pieces with a knife (do not be too big, cakes that are too big are not easy to bake).

8. Squeeze both ends of the cut out piece (the purpose is to prevent the salad oil in the roll from leaking out), roll it and roll it into a pie shape with a rolling pin (it is not recommended to be too thin, it will become crispy if it is too thin and not enough)It’s soft, of course, if you like flaky pastries).

9. Finally, you can bake it. Put more oil in the pan. When the temperature is 50%, you can put the cake in. It is best to use a small and medium fire and watch the cake bulge in the middle (like blowing a balloon). You can turn it over.I also looked at the drum and turned it over again, turning it three times in total, that is, the sides of each side were baked, and the cake became yellow and yellow, ready to cook.

Although the method of the flat cake is simple, we need to pay attention to many details. When adding too much water to the flour, the pastry will be too soft and easy to stick to the pan. If too little water is added, it will be easy to burn, soIt is necessary to grasp the ratio of water to flour so that the pie will be delicious.